I won't link you to the original problem of this post. The toddler incident in China is very disturbing even for me. Some of you might have known the issue some aren't. But, let me remind you that it was not for the weak heart.

Jakarta also has its own problem. We are instructed by government not to give anything to any beggar. This act of mercy is punishable by law.

The government argue that this is to reduce people who choose to beg instead of working honestly. There is a significant increase of beggar in Jakarta. The pay is better than that you work as a worker farmer.

But, this half-baked decision lead into another problem. Each day people are getting cruel. One day at a time one of their hearts beginning to cease. One day at a time, they are forced to see this kind of injustice as something usual.

Each day, human relations wither. Unnoticed. Until one day we beginning to feel that there is something missing in our lives. Rampaging to get through from this indescribable mourn. Since when did we becoming alone in this millions of people?

Sad. This is sad, indeed. Modern people learn how to be a leader among themselves. Yet, they failed to be leader of their own value; a human being.


  1. You made a mistake here. The government suggest people to not give money. You are actually suggested to give food instead (bread etc) to beggars. So no, it's not a heartless decision, the purpose is so that they still can eat but they will not see begging as a golden way to get easy money.

    People are getting cruel not because of this decision. It's because of themselves. If you walk around the town now, beggars are dominated by children. I read an article interviewing them, children beg because people give more money to children rather than adults, and it really is an easy money, Rp.300.000,- per day just begging for 5 hours.

  2. It's not an easy money. I'll write a post about it. :)


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