Yeah, if I wasn't committed to the IGOS Summit 2, I will never come! Seriously, this is the first time I have ever come out myself to a show or something and the first time in history that I would go to many distant places, Campuss -> Home -> IGOS Summit -> Depok. Yeah, call me antisocial but, if it wasn't for the IGOS, I would never go anywhere.

At first, I felt reluctant to go to the Summit, especially I have woke up at 5 AM. I always in bad mood if I have to wake up early. But, I have boast to everyone, including Pak Ibam, FT, etc that we must get as a monumental for the open source movement. So, I couldn't take back my own words. Simply not me.

The thing that made me even mad along the way is the fare for public transportation (Angkot) which increasing fairly high. I have to take at least three terminals before reaching home. Thanks God we have TransJakarta Bus Way System. It save a lot. But, if the fare really this high, I'd rather choose to own my own transportation and stop on campaigning using public transportation.

Well, I have met something interesting, especially in Dukuh Atas terminal. At first, I thought it was only a coincidence, I saw Rully. Yeah, I thought, wow, that person was Rully-like that it made me stood from my bench. Unfortunately, he was walking outside and I was still in the Bus and when I walked outside he already gone. He was with a male friend at that time.

The second, I met my Father on the transit bridge and I was asking alot of how to get to JaCC.

The third, now this made me felt that there was enough coincidence. I met someone that was like Ijul, oops Julian. He greeted me and asked me that if I was going to JaCC. Wow, if it was really him, I would choke his throat and asked him of Monty Python. Shoot! Too many coincidence! Am I going senile? Well, the man was nice enough to show me the way to go there, which not far enough from the terminal. Darn, if I knew, I would have walked from there than waiting for so long for the bus to come.

Anyway, one of the reason that I would not go to any public places is the prejudice feeling that I would feel everytime I went. I always choose to be close with a women because of a tactical reason: They are the less person in the world that would be suspicious (not to be sexist here). Even if they have evil intention, I think we would have the common ground and I would have the ability to fight back. But, you know, with the look of a real IT geeks: red eyes, T-Shirt, and sandals, I have the feeling that they would think of me as a pervert.

To make it worst, my laptop is a 15" Toshiba. So, the bag kind of look like a bag filled with camera or any ecchi instrument. Ah, the last ingredient that made my day is that the bus is full of people. So, yeah....

Of course, that was only made up. Truthfully, they seems don't care. They only look occasionally and set their view else where when I looked back. (Darn! Am I that dreadful?)

The IGOS Summit 2 stands just like common stores. I was hoping that it was like common exhibition, have portable stands so that I could have a bird view. Anyway, the exhibition was a good one. Many people came and no more M$ stand.

Later after the show, I have a confirmation from FeHa that Rully is at IBM right now, so there would be a high probability that it was really Rully that I saw.

The thing that I regret is, the second reason why I not in the mood of traveling, because of my exhaustion I have no mood to have a simple chit chat. At the time, Mr Cahyana came by to our stand and yet I only shoke his hand and continue to browse. Darn, I felt worst. Then I met Mrs. Loli and I would like to greet her and asked her about Rully. It ended up that I only greeted her.

The thing that I would have from a summit like IGOS Summit is the community summit. I only see the stands but I was hoping that people from communities such ubuntu-id or opensuse-id went and had a happy LAN party. I was bringing my laptop for the intention to install Hardy or something.

Then again, I felt lucky that I have found Senayan, a free library software developed by R&D Ministry licensed with GPL. It have the capability to connect to ISIS using php-openisis plugin.

I have a free BlankOn CD with manual book printed by the R&D Ministry. But, then again I gave the manual book to a women who came by to our stand asking about open source.

Then, I have a Blender tutorial CD distributed by Indonesian Blender community. I will put them in Kambing later on.

So, in general, I have found that this IGOS Summit II is the best IT show in Indonesia. Of course, the #1 best is still Debian Conference II and Debian Conference I. But, then again it would be a subjective reason with the failing of mentioning UPH's open source exhibition few years back where they welcome Stallman in person!

In my opinion:

I want the IGOS Summit 3! :D

This show is so worth of the price which made me loose a day of programming smartcard, made me so bad mood, and especially made me go to a place alone.
Iang[1] was messaging me about the map of hyperspeed internet connection [2] found in Global Lambda Facility map publication. [3]

As you can see, we Indonesia are in the middle of nowhere. If only government have the urge to push its regulation to have join IT implementation especially in network connection. With the Indonesian government having comitment with IETS to have all of Indonesian area connected with Internet in 2015, Indonesian government have the potential to restructurized the network topology here.

Now, the momentum is right. With the Palapa Ring project ongoing[3], we should have build the grand infrastructure to support these gigantic network. This is the time when Indonesia have the long vision to support information-based business. After all, this Palapa Ring should have the vision of many years to come which comes with the need of multimedia capability.

At least, can't we just put two lines and become a hub to Australia and Hongkong. Besides, we can bargain that we have the resource to connect with India also via Circum Atlantic (cmmiw). We have the bargaining, we have the strategic place, we are in the middle of them. It put us in the middle of nowhere.

So, who will stand up and have a will to do so? Yeah, it needs the corps of Indonesia. Thus, the momentum of 100 year should be enough to put down ego.

People, we need 1 Indonesia.

[2] [1.8MB!]
You could set an icon for your webpage on your browser (yeah, except IE6-) like or Put:

[!-- What ever... head content --]
[link rel="icon" href="images/icon.png" /]
[!-- What ever... head content --]
[!-- What ever... body content --]
Karena cuma ada di forum id-ubuntu, gak seru rasanya kalo cuma mereka doang yang tahu. Tapi ini ada berita:

DH All,

Dengan ini kami ingin memberitahukan bahwa seluruh peliharaan KAMBING di
UI akan dibawa ke IGOS SUMMIT 2.
Garis besarnya adalah kami selaku pengurus POSS Universitas Indonesia
akan membuka "lapak" temu langsung
pada acara tersebut. Niat kami adalah berusaha untuk menuntaskan segala
permasalahan delivery, baik
delivery konten yang bisa didownload langsung dari server KAMBING maupun
pengiriman pesanan yang bermasalah.

Jadi ..... apabila Anda adalah:
- penderita kronis internet dengan bandwidth lambat
- pemesan juragan.kambing yang tidak mendapatkan pelayanan yang baik
- pengkoleksi ISO-ISO linux
- administrator server mirror universitas, perusahaan, organisasi yang
membutuhkan konten OSS
- distributor Linux yang ingin nge-burn gratis (max N keping CD/DVD per
orang), dimana N akan ditentukan pada kondisi di lapangan
- ingin memesan dan pesanan langsung diambil
- ingin bertanya mengenai kegiatan Pendayagunaan Open Source Software
(POSS) Universitas Indonesia
- ingin menjadi kontributor dalam kegiatan POSS-UI
- ingin meng-copy langsung gratis ISO DVD Repository Ubuntu Hardy Heron
- dll

Persyaratannya adalah:
- membawa HDD Portable sendiri (giliran copy akan ditentukan dilapangan)
- CD/DVD kosong (untuk nge-burn gratis)
- kartu nama atau foto copy KTP
- menuliskan alamat email & mengisi buku tamu JURAGAN KAMBING
- menuliskan pesan-kesan pada "tembok peternakan"

Ada juga merchandize yang lucu-lucu dan door prize dari JURAGAN KAMBING
berupa kaos kambing.

So, dateng ya ke IGOS SUMMT 2 :)

Hehehe... gw akhirnya paham. Saat ini sama seperti Era Demokrasi dulu (1955-1959). Partai-partai dipenuhi orang-orang yang pengen tampil. Tapi, seperti kata Bung Hatta: "Bukan dalam Maklumat Wakil Presiden 3 November 45 yang menegaskan adanya demokrasi terletak kesalahan, tetapi dalam partai-partai dan para pemimpin yang lupa daratan" [1]

Mudah-mudahan seperti kata Bung Hatta, waktu di mana setiap partai mulai mawas diri akan tiba sehingga bangsa ini mulai melihat masalah dan bangkit tidak hanya berkutat kepada permasalahan siapa yang pantas memimpin bangsa ini. Mudah-mudahan kita juga belajar untuk tidak seperti dahulu, demokrasi yang anarkis yang justru melahirkan kediktatoran.


[1] TEMPO. Indonesia yang Kuimpikan: 100 catatan yang merekam perjalanan sebuah negeri. 2008.
I've got interesting review of nationalism here:

What is nationalism?

A sense where a person feels belong like home.

What is the value of Nationalism?

The "Sumpah Pemuda" or Youth Declaration, my free translation, state that there are three values of nationalism:
"One blood, Indonesian blood"
"A Nation named Indonesia"
"A Language named Bahasa Indonesia"

But, do I (and some of us) feel like home?

Sometimes, I felt like 3rd class citizen. I asked myself, why moslems could build mosque everywhere, yet my own church almost got closed (they failed because my church have legitimate paper from Ministry of Religion). But, how about other churches? Why do we have to rent spaces in stores or Malls just to have our faith?

Even those Ahmadiyah, I pitty on them. Just because this nation is Sunni, that doesn't give them the right to judge Ahmadiyah. I mean, whoa, we have policemen but why religion mass organization could have their own judgement? They can burn all they want. Is that a sense of belonging? I wonder if there are Syiah people, could they live together? Yeah, even those troublesome Salafian also have their right to believe their value of zealotism.

And how about the Chinese citizens? I heard they got different paper of birth. Why? They've been here more than three generations. Do they not deserve more? I've seen their nationality more than anyone. They are the one that got Olympics medals for science. Do you remember in Atlanta Olympics Games, where Indonesia got all the badminton medals and our nationality anthems resounds? I do, they are great brothers and sisters and I salute them.

The important issue which arouse few years ago, is about the presidentship of Indonesia. When Megawati became the candidate, a person with ministry rank came to say that Indonesian president must a male Javanese moslem person. No, I'm not trying to bring old wound, but there is a serious problem in Indonesia: Non Javanese people feel like Indonesia is a Javanese Imperialism.

Imagine, there are places in Indonesia with rich potential, but why only in Java everything is set? Why people wants to go to Java, especially Jakarta?

I also felt like ridiculous when heard people talk Inlish (just like Singlish, Indonesian language with sense of English, bad one of course). There are many Indonesian words to describe things, but why people choosing the English words out of the Indonesian words? Worst, they even put the word in the wrong interpretation. Just because they are synonim, doesn't mean they are right.

A language is a mean to communicate to say something, to define it. If Bahasa Indonesia is not used correctly, then it means the language have failed to define things. Which in turns, we have nullified the Bahasa Indonesa to the extend that it no longer have the right function as a tool for communication. Thus, the language isn't usable anymore. Is that what we want?

If we nullified the Bahasa Indonesia, which means we also break the Sumpah Pemuda. If it's lie that, the Sumpah Pemuda is no longer relevant. If the Sumpah Pemuda is no longer relevant, according to the Tata Perundang-undangan Indonesia/Indonesian Law Integrity, my own free translation, has lost one of its foundation. Thus, Indonesia as a country with law is flawed and the country itself is bound to the question of its existence.

Do we want that? I don't!

As Narpati suggest, it is not right anymore people would say that I am Javanese or Bataknese. In our generation, we have born in lands which our parents and grandparents no longer have link, but we do have. I have always said that I am a Jakartanian, I am born here in Jakarta, though my parents are Bataknese. I do belong to a tradition, Bataknese custom, but I am an Indonesian.

One matter that I think this country needs a great turn on its thinking towards religion. With the diversity of its citizenship, I mean I think we Indonesian have the greatest diversity than the rest of the world, we should have government with Secularism thinking. Yes, it is the root of the problem of todays government. They interfere religion too much.

I do believe in God, which is why I am a Christian. But, everybody have their own definition of God. In my belief, and everyone elses, everyone that disagree with my definition of God is a lost person. Now, this is why secularism in thinking is needed. If everyone feel like to evangelized others, which is a good thing, will put it into the point where it makes people shed blood. In this case, religion have failed as a religion because it only starts a war.

Of course, it should not be 100% secular. Indonesian government must have secular thinking with the thinking of there is a God. Definition of God is not bounded to Christianity, Islam, Buddhaism, Hiduism, or Kong Hu Cu. It must have generic definition just like in Pancasila. In programming world, Object Programming, Religion is an Abstract Class, where every religions have the right to become its child. In other words, secularism is important to think religion as an abstract in some extend without bounded into some strict definition which put faith act of a person endangered.

To have secularism is a good thing here in Indonesia. To lost its culture also a good thing in Indonesia. We are an archipelago country, with rich in culture. But, we must have a common culture to be in brotherhood, that is what the definition of National Culture should be. It must not belong to Malayan, Javanese, Bataknese, or any culture but Indonesian only.

I'm not saying that root culture shouldn't be preserved, but we have a great problem here since youngster have lost their sense of culture due to the invasive Western and Japanese culture. If we have the culture of our own, we at least could protect these youngster from loosing their innerselves. A nationalism in the end would protect the root culture.

And another thing that we need to fix. The history of Indonesia, especially in the modern era. I felt that I have more knowledge of Bastille history than the 1st March Battle. I even know Sekigahara Battle better than the Ambarawa Battle (does the name sounds to you? :-)).

Japanase have the sense of good history. Even in the comic pop culture, there exist great comics that put history as background, of course they are not 100% fact, but makes us want to know the real history.

Tempo Magazine of course, the magazine that I cherish to reminiscence my eagerness to know my country. The dark history of 1965 failed Coup' de Etat, have bring my nationalism. The negative of Bung Karno, Mr. Soeharto, and even Aidit have blossom my nationality. I wish people would know the history and the reason behind it.

I wish Indonesian Government, especially in the Ministry of Education, put the Bahasa Indonesia as the language in her own place. I mean, come on, I have better grade in English than Bahasa Indonesia. I have Indonesian courses that taught differ each other. Even, the curriculum at that time only confuse me and I felt like it didn't even touch the contemporer issues.

Next thing that I think we need to have in this country is National Reconsiliation. The past may haunt some people, but make it at least not to stall the improvement of Indonesia. History is there to be written as a lesson that we don't fall into the same pit. But, it has no right to put chains unto our neck. It should stay as a lesson not burden.

Yeah, it seems like all the problems can be solved by education. So, how's that?

I am a Christian, but I think of Moslems, Buddhists, etc as my brothers/sisters. I am born as a Bataknese but these blood that run in my vein is Indonesian. I can talk English and Bataknese, but my mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia. Do you feel the same?

100 Years of National Revival. Where do we go next?
Apakah setelah kesehatan, akankah pendidikan menjadi sebuah industri komersial berikutnya?

Indonesia is a capitalists haven. Why on earth education become an industry?

If I have children, will I have the ability to provide education to them? Or, will I join the band of people that let their children astray?

Is it true that higher education system is no longer reachable?

Who will help me? Because this is not a one man show.

What would you do? What would you suggest?
Hmm... today I setup a network which turned to be that the problem was with the network provider. Well, my friend has asked to have 4 public IPs, so the provider allocate new IP range. The important is, when the contact person himself gave up to solve our problem so he gave me direct contact of an Admin. Yeah, this is kinda awkward conversation of remained me of who am I.

"Hello, I am directed here by [CP GUY] to ask about our network. We are assigned by you with the [IP RANGE] with gateway [GW IP]."

T3h Ub312:
"Ow, okay. Are you using [CURRENT IP ADDRESS I USED]."

"Yes. What seems the problem"

T3h Ub312:
"Please wait a moment, I will check the IP."

"Okay, when can I call you back?"

T3h Ub312: [with higher tone]
"I have many things to do, must check firewalls and routers."

/me: {omgwtf, I was just asking to ask so that I could hung up the phone}
"Urgh... alright then. Thank you."

Wtf with the higher tone? He could just took some lame excuse and I still reconsidered it. But, then again as a fellow Admin, I realized that I was too have difficulties with people. Sometimes, people would nagged you all the way. So, that's why we are called Admin, we don't need to be in the frontline. Okay, I don't mind that, since maybe my asking also rude. So, I went home.

About abusive users, those lamers that could only nagging about something. Well, I have a quite dirty thinking: How about if we, Kambing and FOSS-ID, took the liberty of refused to working on our, using Feha's term, tertiary projects. I wonder what would happen? I mean, come on, some of them are meanie persons that blame us of being imperfect and acting bossy. They don't pay us, don't even contribute, using public forums to flame us. But, then again, those whom being constructive, asking nicely, and encourage us through public forum will also be the victim. Oh, well, I don't like to see the half empty part of a glass.

As my thought wandering, I also have had rude behavior and have spoken out of line. Yeah, I do regret those words. Well, there are part of us that want to blame someone/something for some unfortunate things that happened to us. :P


Yeah, am a proud member of People of Childish Behavior.
Fyi, Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a mentor of Barrack Obama. For these few weeks, Obama popularity has been reduced by media because of Rev. Jeremiah sermont. Apperently, the media takes only some portion of it. But, here's the full sermont:

The sermont is actually made a great point: What we do comes with consequences. The reverant warned the Americans that they have made the world suffer by their judgement and playing cops and now they are receiving the outcome. It means, the reverant just wanted to ask the audience of their responsibility and made a decision to stop and think for a while with their actions and started a new good beginning to help the world.

Hmm.. oh, well, politics, just like a saying from a web: "Politics is like Soccer in America, they don't pay attention like the rest of the world".
If you have a child, don't ever take following names as the child name. Not these names are bad luck, but they can bring misfortune to today's technology, or we call it IT.

#1 A Name That Shall Be An Anonymous.

Don't name your child as "John Doe" or "Jane Doe". The name is restricted in use of example and considered by smart IT people as non-existence name. It will not be considered and any forms that required to input a name will reject that given name. Do you wish your son/daughter to have a discriminative act as he/she cannot sign up for the given service because of a name?

#2 A Name That Failed To Sanitize

Don't name your child as "drop table", "die", "echo", or any reserved words of programming. You will never know when a programmer decided to not sanitize an input. Any names that isn't ASCII would also bring misfortune in these UTF-8, althought a name in name of a foreigner is alright in their own system. Would you like to have your son/daughter have their name missing because their application files cannot be copied into the registrar computer because of their weird characters?

So people, do consider a name for your child. If people of the past think a name is a luck for the child, we at least do consider name as a way to have our child services that given in this era of Internet.
This is a usual conversation:
B: Are we alive?
A: Yeah, we do.

B: How would you know that we are alive?
A: Because we are created by God and live by grace.
A: What about you?

B: So, do you feel alive?
B: I'm in a pain.

A: Why?
B: You know, because I played football yesterday and my finger hurts. :P
A: WTF? (*!$(_#@. I thought it was real!
B: LOL. :P

Well, that's because the person is hurt, but no one have ever listen. The person perceive a sense that nobody should be bother with the person's life. So, the person decide to hide it and change the topic to have the usual subject.

The person stays to choose ignoring the fact that the heart is broken. With hope, uneasiness, and delusion that someday will be okay, the person decide to walk forward. Waiting for the day where the person can smile because life embracing the person, making the person to be able to smile again, only at that day it's coming from the deepest part of the person's heart.

As for today, the person can only waiting. Put layers of smile, clinging to the hope of that time will come. Sometimes that smile becoming a smirk when no other people sees.

Are you that person?

How about if I tell you just to let it go and starts smile. God's loving us so much that He Himself comes to this forsaken world. Jesus has the power to do miracle.

Now what is a miracle?

To average person, miracle means when someone comes from the death, a very sick people becomes healed, and business becomes well.

But, did you know that what is actually the miracle of Jesus?

When a splitted family reunite again.
When a broken heart comes new again.
When a stabbed person can accept and forgive the stabber.
When a bad person that no one would be like to be associate with the person, embracing God.

To put it simple, what Jesus' miracle is:

To help a person to make a right decision: choose to have a happy life.

PS: Do you know that we have the right to be happy?

[This article I decided to write because people only know that today is the May Day, the international labor day. But, actually this is the day of the celebration of Jesus went to heaven.]