A New Dawn

Yes, we can.

Yup, that's the Barrack Obama's slogan on presidential election. He won on last night vote. But, what's good it can to us?

The word "Yes, we can" utterly describing positivism. It is there to express the formidable strenght of one's determination.

Just want to say, what you say is what affects yourlife. Talk positive, think positive, do positive. It is the right thing to do.


  1. my motto > his

    "Yes, I own"

  2. ya lihat South Park edisi setelah Obama terpilih...

    Salah satu fans-nya teriak "Yes we can" sambil menendang dan memukuli bos-nya...

    Trus bos-nya protes, "Hey.. I also choose Obama"...

    Beberapa adegan kemudian ketika fans-nya sudah sadar, anaknya bilang
    "Dad! Your bos said you're fired"

    "What? Obama said I can. How stupid I was for believing him."


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