How To Install Love

If you want to have experimental version and have the source, do:
# tar xvfj love-0.9.98.tar.bz2
# cd love-0.9.98
# cat ../understanding-her.patch | patch -Np1
# cat ../understanding-him.patch | patch -Np1
# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var/lib && make
# sudo make install

Yes, we don't have to search for it and it already packaged by some distros. You may only:
# apt-get install love
# emerge love
# yum love

But, package manager doesn't have the ability to resolve dependency problem. Be aware that you cannot install it just like that. Sometimes, there are conflicting packages that cannot be installed with love. For instance, a version of libfamily-1.4.3 is conflicting with love-0.9.x because it has the dependency of 0.8.x version.

We can just try to install 0.9.x series of love, but it is risky and sometimes can lead the system unrendered. Besides, the 0.9.x is an experimental version. Many have reported the success of installing that version, but there are many that don't. So, please be careful when to choose experimental -- they are called experimental/alpha version for a reason.

Hmm... sometimes we just need to contact the developer. How can this obviously important package don't have upstream maintainer contact? Well, viva DVCS!

Still waiting the right version. *sigh*


  1. kunderemp8:38 AM

    Kapan dipraktekkan, Jep?

  2. tunggu 1.0 lah biar stable

  3. @kunderemp:
    masih beberapa tahun lagi. :D
    Lo,sih, pake debian stable.

    Kapan versi barunya kluar? Jangan2 cuma kayak DR17.

    Don't get the metaphor? Try google.

  4. jepe jepe ...

    bagus banget desain blog lo ...

    sumpah ... bener ...
    baru kali ini gw liat orang yang pake #whoami, ln, ls, ps, grep di blog nya :))


  5. abis make install lalu make love atawa make baby ya?



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