To Plurk Or Not To Plurk

Arrgh... the temptation is so high. No, I will not plurk. I will not.... I will... I...


Stop it! Stop it! Don't invite me, you plurkish demon! I shall not tempted nor fallen for the plurkish side.

Help, resistence is going down rapidly.

"Hehehe.. you said once you would not join Friendster, but you decided to join in 2005. Why await? Your plurk poin shall go up if you join now"

STOP! STOP, you evil mind.... I shall not falter!

"Resistence is futile! Wahahaha, there is a plurkish side on each of us and yours also...."

NO! I think I have better things to do!

"Embrace the plurkness..."


(to be continued in Empire Strikes Back)


  1. plurk aj, jep.. =))

  2. Setuju sama @th1rt33nth_w4rr10r :-D
    Join Plurk Now

  3. masa gitu aja nyerah jep ?

    gw aja masih bertahan dari godaan join ke plurk :p

  4. @13th_warrior|tiwi:
    No... I shall not be falter! HAhahaha... you plurkish.... XD

    Iy, gw lagi bertahan

    Jangan, Ham! Lo harapan bangsa, jangan mo ternoda.... XD

  5. JANGAN Jep.. .gw aja survive koq tanpa plurk.. meskipun email gw penuh dengan undangan plurk..

    Keep ur faith.. hehehehe.. don't fall into the darkness..

  6. do not falter, son.

    gw aje cm maen beberapa hari. abis itu males

    mending lu telnet ke sini

    ato apt-get install wesnoth-all (ngadu yok)

  7. @all:
    gw masih bertahan... hahahaha.

    hmm.. wesnoth susah coy. Btw, nethack port berapa?


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