Info on Kerjaan

Just for my sake of information, explicit content! Parental Advisory.

  1. Using COSS as filesystem, a big file effective for serial reading. Ext2 is way to go as underlying filesystem. Don't need a journalling system on cache. (
  2. Recompile to use tcmalloc, google's implementation of malloc. This would reduce cpu load. Actually, this is good for all. (
  3. Using Squid3 implementation.
  1. Using ASSP instead of SpamAssasin. Or, we can use both. ASSP is per domain, SA is per user. Effective, maybe.
  2. Postfix vs. Exim4, many would recommend Exim4. But, I'm not so sure about that
  3. RHEL 3, Fedora 5, Redhat 9 have broken Perl.
  4. DNSRBL, SPF, DKIM apperantly have been implemented in ASSP, good for that.
  5. Yes, we still experimenting.


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