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Well, today I want to talked about music. Been from Pondok Pujian and bought 4 CDs: Delirious?, BDA, Leeland, and a local band GMB. Yes, they are Christian bands because I want to balance earthly things with heavenly. These days I've been living in a stressful live and realise how far I could go down. (You plurkish evil....) XD

Aside from the bad joke above, I plugged my ears to listen to Delirious? band. This band is my fave band of all. They play groovy music and I love it how Martin could use some words to encourage all the audience, well those hit me also. Btw, The CD+DVD combo is entitled Now is The Time, Live at // Willow Creek and have a nice atmosphere. But, compared with Hillsongs' United with Delirious?, the scenes don't stand out well. Still, I love how they bring the show, especially the text.

One not thought, after I watched Delirious on DVD, I accidentally watched Sheila on 7 on TV (twas BRI Kasih, iirc). Their new song is very similar and I thought maybe Sheila have watched Delirious? also. Dunno... just an imho.... But, I also have seen recently that an Indonesian band played a song with the guitar play mimicking Hillsong's guitar play.

I don't like how the industry have bring the music into the level of stressful to me, especially the R&B music that made them look like gag. If you remember, the music of Hitch from Will Smith, totally played again by JayZ in a song that I refuse to remember. Reuse in programming I totally agree, but not in music. That's why I'm disbanding R&B from my playlist. I even got some sentiment RAP: Retarded Attempting Poetry. Hahaha... I used to love rap music. But, I don't know, someone tainted it.

Fortunately, Leeland's Sound of Melodies have the alternative sounds that I think refreshing. Yes, it's not R&B, but they have a good job to normalize my taste of music in par with modern pop. No, they aren't boyband and they are rock alternative. I love how they introduce the music with therapic sound. I can go to sleep well last night. The music is off in the morning, so I guess my dad doesn't like the sound goes wild. :D

The third is BDA (Better Days Ahead). I don't know, I'm not listening well. Too much music to listen to. :D Atleast I know they are good, I listen to their sample and confirm them as good as the other.

Last not least, GMB (Giving My Best), the only Indonesian band I've bought. I've followed this band from the early formation to this day and get to know how they are all talented. Too bad, the new one is having new lead singer: Bams of Samson. Gotta get used to his voice now because Sidney Mohedey, the former lead vocal, have become a youth pastor. I'll miss that character voice.

The first time I heard GMB, I was too very uncomfort with the voice of Sidney. But, from time to time his voice have become unique with the music of GMB. The singing is all about God's provident's, simple yet powerful lyric. No, not as simple as Franky Sihombing, but it quite have a deeper meaning, atleast to me.

My fave of song from GMB:
  1. Mereka Perlukan (People need the Lord)
  2. Mengejar Hadir-Mu [My English title: Chasing Your Presence] This song's chorus have the similarity with one of La Luna's song. I don't remember which....
  3. ....
Hmm... I can't think of anything else.... Almost all of the songs I love. But, the "Stand Out" album, I still need to adjust my earings to Bams' pop voice. I know, in quality, Bams would be a better singer than Sidney. It's just, Sidney have the quality of rock voice, high pitch, powerful, yet blended easily with the guitar.

Ah.. that's all for today, I guess.


  1. Om jp.. copy dunks CDnya :D :D udh pernah coba Israel and new breed? bgs jg lho..

    coba liat ini deh..


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