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Yatta! Heroes aired again on NBC. The story is getting complex and more brutal. Hiro is my fave and always be. Peter is like, well, hmm.. the most advancing character, from a cry baby little bro to... I don't know anymore.... Of course, the poker face Noah, one of my fave (Hiro and Noah) is my fave. Gonna wait to the next ed.

Macross Frontier getting to the final moment and I wish for the bitter end, not a pop end. Geez, Macross have a suck ending.

But, don't worry, after BANDAI screw the plot of the early episodes just for creating new toy. Yeah, screw badly, I mean, those robot never even have the ability to fly in the first place. Just a generation then it could fly and alter several G of air pressure and have those fancy effect like Gundam. Anyway, Code Geass session 2 have good ending.

Kamen Rider Kiva as usual comes with fancy stuff and not so well. Are the Japan film industries have fallen into Pop culture? I expect great sorrow from Kamen Rider, but just a few bling-bling. But, I sense plot twists here and there, so I'm still waiting for that. Hopefully....

Has anything else?


  1. Kunderemp9:19 PM

    Knight Rider seri terbaru yang tayang di NBC lebih bagus daripada episode pilotnya. Tapi kok, KITT rentan banget untuk mati yah?


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