[POSTING TERLARANG] Error Updating Windows XP

My sister's laptop have weird things and can't run Windows Update. This may be do to the thing that I have a high incompatibility with any of Microsoft Windows products. My work PC can't boot with XP, the XP installation is corrupted no matter how many time I tried to reinstall it. So, I'm only using GNU/Linux Debian Unstable/Experimental. Lucky! :D

Oh, btw, both my work and my sis' laptop are using legit XP Professional. My work PC is an HP Pavilion and my sis' laptop is using Lenovo.

Anyway, the error code was: 0x80072efd, 0x80004002.

X=> Cannot connect to internet
V=> Open the proxy tab in IE and delete any suspicious entry for exception

X=> Cannot spawn COM server
V=> Install "Fix and Dial It" tools and run the exe. Just mark all checklist and go. (Well, XP is not my OS anyway, won't hurt if it's broken and I can tell my sis to use the true way)

Anyway, now I am waiting to install SP3. Hopefully this would damage XP, install any malware, and render the system unstable. :D


  1. [KOMEN TERLARANG] The OS-es that will work for you are only ones that you want to work with. So in programming language you're more of .NET than Java, because you're compatible with certain OS only ;)

  2. [REPLY TERLARANG] I don't live in .NET because I am a Java hardcore. I don't think "want to" and "capable of" is in the same meaning. As a big company whom reign over OSes in the market, it is their privilege to keep their market share with any mean necessary to keep us from being capable of.


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