Dark Theme Friendly

Dear web developers, hear my cry. I have dark theme which I find amusing to the eyes of sleepless people. It goes well with my editing document and doing anything but accessing the website.

I know that I can place my own CSS and override yours like what I do to my Opera. But, I do have sentimental feeling about the original artwork. So, I leave my Swiftfox as is. The problem is you CSS-ing the form box, but you forgot to CSS-ing its font. Now I can have a white form box with grey-to-nearly-white font. Neat.

So, I would add an addendum for the consideration of building a good site is:
  1. Resolution: 1024x786 minimum for example.
  2. Browser: IE vs. the rest of the world's browser.
  3. Site user: visibility issues, disabled people, and demographic.
  4. Site owner: corporate site to personal blog.
  5. Theme the user use.
There you go.


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