OpenVPN Client

Well, first I thought that OpenVPN people have discriminate non-Windoze people. They have OpenVPN client GUI that fit in tray. You just right click and connect. Hmm.. how to do that in GNU/Linux?

Well, in GNU/Linux Ubuntu 8.04.1 in my laptop, I just set:
# apt-get install network-manager-openvpn

You can set the VPN connection according to your VPN network setting by right click on Network Manager tray. I apologize I can't provide screenshot. Seems like I can't print screen the desktop. [Confidential thingy...]

A note about OpenVPN, the TAP option should not be selected because we can't use TAP device without root privilege. But, should one use the TAP device, you can:

#> sudo modprobe tun


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