A Guilty Pleasure

Hehehe... I like Dream Theater, Spheric Universe, Circus Maximus, and any kind of that. I love Epica, especially "The Last Crusade" song. I also love Queen, they are the best. The thing I love the most from a song is the way they played their instruments. They don't just play the song, they let us feel the song. Oh, and they are good players.

I like Breaking Benjamin, Kyo "Le Chemin", and songs like that.

I don't like House Music and Dance Dangdut (I do like dangdut, but not every dangdut) or any songs that played without skill. I don't like "copy and paste" music. You know, like some Hip Hop song which borrow their beat from another song. That's totally uncool. Or, songs with pop pattern - songs that you can feel that the song is like artificial, not a song through original songwriting.

But, I ke gep lagi dengerin BCL. Hahaha.... Emang, sih, gw lagi demen lagunya BCL. Ahahaha... what a guilty pleasure. What's your guilty pleasure songs?


  1. dangdut and keroncong hands down. I dont find it guilty though.

    I dont get it why is everyone tryin to be nigga....YO????

  2. Beethoven, Paganini, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, etc



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