West Papua people was convinced by Bung Karno to join Indonesia in the vote between Indonesia and Deutch. They were promised by him to have a better future. Years after, the Indonesia victory was began to fade because of the imbalance development. The gap between east and west became prominent.

In 1967, Soehartonian government sign an agreement with Freeport, Inc to mine copper in Tembagapura. Many years, waste from the mine was exported to overseas. The dictactorship of Soehartonian government made people have not enough courage to examine what was happening back there. Independent studies to examine the mine was forbidden.

Almost after 20 years, the sneaky play was discovered. The 'waste' was containing gold! Yes, we are deceived for years. Where are the law when they are needed? None of the Indonesian politician dare to sue Freeport for the corruption. None!

This is just a game of politics. Wanna prove? How many civil right was taken when the Indonesian army torturing the Papuan to protect Freeport? Lots of them. And where are the international society? None of them dare to mess with that. Freeport is a big corporation from ... so no one dare to shout against ....

To all Indonesian politicians:

There are no such thing as free lunch. You may enrich yourself. You may corrupt many many things. But remember, in the end, you only put yourself and your family in the risk. You messing around with your surrounding, causing riots, and then the flame itself burn you because you are in the middle of it.

Stop think right here right now! Think tomorrow!
At the past, I was convinced to switch my main desktop from Gnome to KDE. A little effect is because of the Torvald flame about that time. My first primary disappointment is because so much dependency just to make Gnome runs, and it sucks if you compile Gnome from scratch. My second primary disappointment is because Metacity do not support composite extension. Instead, it use their own code for composite and give my shiny machine like a 386 running W**XP.

After few months switching from Gnome to KDE, I set my eyes back to Gnome. Years of using Gnome as default cannot be beaten just in few months. I was teased to reconsider Gnome after the release of Novell's Compiz, the OpenGL-based window manager.

Good Lord, the gnome project have evolved!

The Gnome 2.14, the hottest from this project. It is focused on the performance. Yes, it will give my machine the proper manner! YAY!

But not only that, improved GUI, integration with Beagle (the best desktop search), etc make me believed this Gnome 2.14 will be my priority when it launched. An article by Davyd Madeley, here, pleased me enough to set Gnome as default once more.

Metacity also have the ability of glx composite manager (I'm glad they have learn from their past mistake.

Just one thing I long from Gnome, step by step installation from scratch, without any tools like jhbuild or gargnome, package installation list, and bundled softwares.

But then again, now I have Ubuntu, do I have reason for those? -just apt-get-


He said something about deadline and he called it the 7 wonders of deadliners.

As I thought, Deadline is one of the extreme sports. The danger also has the same effect, only it happens in long term.

Hail to the Deadliners!
This is where a battle between profesionality vs humanity. This is a battle between self-concious vs self-ego. This is a battle between dreams vs reality. This is a battle to define a profession means. This is a great comic IMO.

This comic once a controversial. This comic was protested by the Jap's doctor association.

The comic is about a freshmen that graduate from Eiroku University. Being a new doctor, he must attends many divisions before he has his own license. The journey begins when he saw practices that severe his heart. The wounded heart of his pushed a question to his stormy mind:

What is a doctor?

This manga is greatly drawed with quite artistic style IMO. The way the author draws the chara interpolates with the heart of the chara. The draw just like emphasize the situation. At first glance, it may appears that the author draws the chara not in a constant manner. But, as I read more, I've got the feeling of the artistic being intentionally put into the draw.

Well, one deep question arise in me:

If we implemented more advanced technology, put things autonomously, etc then where we put the skilled labour?
Usually, I feel glad when a course is cancelled.

But, this morning... and the two concecutive monday...
I have the feeling of regret of not having the class.

What a strange feeling.

Is this the feeling of being serius?
Seorang ibu tengah merengkuh pria asing di ranjangnya
Sedu sedan hatinya tertutupi oleh lenguhannya
Telah lama ia melacurkan diri ke rumah merah itu
Ia hanya berpikir untuk anak-anaknya yang telah lama tak sua

Ah, andai ia tahu...

Anak pertamanya telah lama menjadi belulang di Karawang Bekasi
Ia, demi adik-adiknya, telah rela berdiang di batu tanpa nama itu
Tak terasa lagi sekujur tubuhnya yang telah lekang oleh waktu
Yang terngiang olehnya hanyalah pesan sang ibu untuk jaga adik-adiknya

Oh.. anak kedua...

Engkau menghilang di dalam realita dunia
ditengah nur zaman ini kau berusaha berdiri dengan satu kaki
tertempa rajam, engkau terus mencoba dan mati
setengah hati telah kau rintangi dengan masam

Kalian memikirkan si anak bungsu

Ah.. bagaimana si anak bungsu

Telah lama ia menyusu pada si ibu
Tak pernah ia lihat kakak-kakaknya
Tertutup embun madu kenikmatan zaman ini rupanya
Tak pernah ia membayangkan jalan berduri

Ah.. anak bungsu
Tak tahukah kau ibumu di pelacuran sana?
Tak tahukah kau abangmu di antara bebatuan tak terurus itu?
Tak tahukah kau kakakmu di pelimbahan sana?

Ah.. anak bungsu
Cuma mencari sosok bapak yang tak pernah kau temui
Kau rela meninggalkan duri di halaman muka
Tak tahukah engkau ibumu menginjaknya saat kembali?

Tak sungkan mati
Tak menderita hidup
Tak peduli.

Ah.. anak bungsu
Andai abangmu masih ada,
Tak selarik kata ia sudah mengambil matahari
Andai kakakmu masih mampu,
Tak selaksa bintang ia sudah menaruh rembulan
Agar utuh perahu ini.

Ah.. anak bungsu
Tak maukah engkau menebus ibumu dari pelacuran?
Atau tak tahukah engkau akan keluargamu?
Tahukah engkau siapa keluargamu?

Ah.. anak bungsu
Siapakah sebenarnya engkau?
Iang has posted a teaser about Xgl here. But, he doesn't know about this:

It called zoom. Just hold WIN + Right Click :P

I think this Xgl will be available next month. Wow!
I'm not understand what is in those idiot minds, when making fun of someone's belief.

That's what I though about the case of Prophet Muhammad SAW cartoon helding a bomb.

I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ. I don't like Islam, Budhism, Hinduism, Atheism, and other beliefs other than Christian. But, is there any right for me to desecrated any beliefs that other people, including Moslem, have? -NO-

I am an academic person that sees something from rasional thing. But, is there any right for me to disgrace other people that see something from different view? -NO-

Those magazine didn't even have shame, saying they have freedom. Does their freedom including to rip off other's freedom? -NO-

I don't like a**hole like them saying about freedom. That's not freedom! To dictate someone else is a dick-tatoers (dictator :)).

Holocaust to some people is sacred, so does a Prophet to someone else. Can they learn to accept that differences?
I'm excited! This year will be the battle of many OSes in Desktop. Windows Vista with it's drawing almost 3D using DirectX 10. OSX also goin' wild with the 3D Acceleration.

Oh, how 'bout Linux?

Well, firstly I almost give up with Gnome. I, now, using KDE 3.5 and 3.5. With the kcompmgr, the desktop are goin' wild. Yeah! I enjoyed the effects. Awesome! Just open your control center -> Look 'n Feel -> Application or somethin'. Then, enable the translucent.

Restart your X! Boom, baby! Your desktop will be C. O. O. L.!

But, wait, how 'bout Gnome? I'm a fan of it, but with current metacity... BLah!

*voice from above*

Fear not, my son, thou shalt hath Luminocity!

*end of voice from above*

I have seen the demo from Iang. It's so AWESOME!!!

In the next 3 months, it maybe stable enough to be tested. 6 month to be deployed as unstable being. Dunno, open source has rapid dev, it maybe sooner than I thought.
I do have my own research. Started in highschool, I have study years in advancing Indonesia into better level. I don't expect that I can explain what my study just in a brief description like this one entry in a blog nor few lines where it only valued with 9 points. But, I speak in term of 5 years and more. It is slow, I know, but it can get us in better live. OK, let me write some that I can write.

There are parts of this nation that must be fix.

Law Enforcement

I know my country is the top most corrupted country. This is a fact and let's face it. But the question is how we could fix it?

One of the answer is the law enforcement. But as said in socialogy, a law is like deals involving many people. If more sides not bond to the deal, then the deal is off. Why people in Indonesia are not bond into the deal?

Maslow and other geeks from psychology, which can be found here, has found that motivation can be predict by the needs that people have. (Bla3x.. this can be long and misleading you from my points which is stated next.)

People need to be content. They will agree to a deal where in a level their needs are well-cared. So, as long as by living as a good citizen cannot content them, even worst, it can threatened them), people are not willing to do so.

This is happenning not just in law, it also happenning in all aspect of Indonesian culture. Industry must lower their production quality due to "unpredictable costs". Developers must lowered their quality just to keep their budget fit to their projects. Illegal logging and trashing have make global climate change, flood, and desease. Many other deviations are exist which I cannot write down.

This can lead us in danger. You can see the result from the "think about now forget later" philosophy: The falling of mid and small industries. This sector is very crutial to our country development since it is the only thing survived from the mass crisis back in few years before. They are collapse because of the deviations.

So, in order to fix that, one of the must to do thing, to get our law in the right place. Like Ramot said, we cannot convince all of us to convert. If we already do so, this country have already taken the seat as a donor country not a sick country. We must start to fix one field.

Because we are in Computer Science, at least I do, we must start with our experties. So, here we go.

I'm not against Microsoft nor any propietary software. I am against the use of illegal software, just like Fajran's opinion. But, how can we ask people not to use a copy of illegal software when there are no alternative solutions?

I have considered to have low cost propietary software like the Microsoft's Windows XP Indonesian Version. Too bad, the cost is to high to some people and the support is not worth.

In my study, the problem is not just financial but also behaviour. The problem with it is not all software dealers are selling that version. Overmore, many people are thinking: "Why we should cost more for something that we can get in 5.000 and 50.000 rupiah?" Furthermore, they are alien with the worth of tech support.

There are 2 solution that I can think of:

1. Get law enforcement socialized.
2. Get another solution that has lower or at least the same price.

First solution, I'm affraid it will ended like P4. So, that's why I'm thinking of the other solution.
I choose we can offer free/open source software (FOSS) solution.

Amazingly, the FOSS has provide softwares that more capable than any propietary software. I found also, it is know studied by great nations world wide and creating new business models. OK, I will stop there so you could keep up with my argument (thougth I can give you more).

With the emerging projects come from FOSS, we can fullfill our needs. (This argument already exist in my prev post)

Now, what can we do?

My study found that many enterprises abroad are considering FOSS and try to support them. One of the reason is because many graduates are capable and master the FOSS. So, it is not true that you cannot change the behaviour of your friend, you could even change your nation.

Mark, the man from Ubuntu, said that many countries in the first place cautious about turn to FOSS, but in the end, they addicted to it and ask if there is a replacement in FOSS for particular job.

The answer is in awareness, how can we step further more? It's up to us.

Okay, I can step my argument with many facts and turn this entry to a book. ^_^"

Have you played FreeCiv (or Civilization in Windoze)?

If you want to research to a goal, you must research some before go to that step. My plan also like that.

In order to get people can appreciate and honour the law, we must take step by step to provide alternative solution where people can walk legally.

First, almost all of us must spread the alternative solution. That's why I target my first move is to students or academics where they are and should be in the bleeding edge technology. I narrow it to computer related students.

If all of us agreed to use actively, it takes months (but not years) to spread it to non computer-related students.

How can that happens?

Simple, GNU/Linux systems has extrodinary eye candy apps. I even see many non techie get themselves those eye candy programs and compile them and run them and then post the result in the forum. It's like a hobby.

With the provided expert community (which should be us) + the eye candy + killer apps, many non techie people then try to migrate to the alternatives.

I have studied also that with the openness of the s/w, people are swiftly appreciate other works. This, in the end, will grow and to accomodate people desire to be credited and give credits.

This climate will give people more appreciation to law enforcement.

So, in order to promote law enforcement, I choose to spread open source software to train people to appreciate the law which low cost proprietary software failed to achieved.

There are many aspects that I would discuss, but I think people will have dizzy head reading this entry, so, I stop in just one aspect, which is law enforcement.

People, please do not underestimated me. I have studied Theology since 5th grade. The book I studied is Ahmed Deedat's and stuff like that. In the Junior Highschool, I studied human development books. In Highschool, many geek stuffs I have read (I don't want to mention one, because I'm affraid to be thought a geek person).

3 Paragraph and 1 sentence is deleted.

I just want to make a point there. It makes me sad when I said to people (even in academics meeting), that they only laught at me and tell me nonsense. They only said, e.g.:

"You can't play Warcraft with that, can you?" (Wine)
"Are all of your softwares copyrighted?" (Don't they know copyleft?)
"Ah, pake linux pusing. (tm)" (the latest)

I wish they ask the proper question:

"How is it possible?"
Quoting Ramot:

Kalau semua ga bisa, ya ud pindah rumah aja sekalian... susah bgt. Ini bukan negara komunis dimana semua orang harus sama rata sama rasa

Wah, Mot. Ini bukan masalah itu. Masalahnya seharusnya sebagai pemimpin-pemimpin di bidang IT, kita bisa peka terhadap kebutuhan bangsa ini. Kita bukan cuma memikirkan perut kita doang.

Soal makan Black Forest dan menjarah itu adalah analogi yang pengen gw gambarkan mengenai ketidakpedulian kita sebagai pemimpin di bidang IT.

Kalo pemimpin seperti kita, hanya memikirkan keuntungan untuk kita sendiri. We buy original softwares, we use that actively.

Lalu, para orang awam yang gak ngerti komputer. Yang pengen belajar komputer, yang masih "gaptek", yang berusaha untuk mengikuti perkembangan IT.

Mereka secara tidak sadar akan diarahkan untuk menggunakan s/w komersial.

Mot, ini poin yang penting:

Mereka gak tahu ada solusi yang lain, karena para IT strategist hanya menggunakan solusi s/w komersial. Mereka melihat ke kita!

Bangsa ini miskin baik secara moral maupun finansial. Untuk menutupi kebutuhan mereka, mereka terpaksa "menjarah". They buy pirated s/w.

Ini gak bagus! S/W Developer di negara ini gak bakal maju. IT di negeri ini akan selalu dijajah dan tidak bisa independen.

Seandainya ada orang2 di bangsa ini yang mengerti IT mengarahkan dan membuka mata bangsa ini, meyakinkan mereka bahwa ada solusi yang baik untuk masalah IT di bangsa ini, yakni Open Source/Free Software!

Seandainya... *SIGH*


Ini buat semua orang IT di Indonesia:

Jadilah orang biasa, gak usah peduli sama bangsa ini.

Pake aja s/w yang lo mampu beli, gak usah peduli sama banyak orang yang secara moral, pendidikan, dan finansial gak mampu.

Belajar aja untuk cari duit, gak usah peduli sama orang yang ekonominya gak mampu. Gak usah peduli sama mereka yang pikirannya gak mampu. Gak usah susah-susah pikirkan mereka. Gak usah susah-susah berusaha membuka pikiran mereka.

Toh, di bidang lain pun ahli-ahlinya sama juga gak peduli. Buat apa bidang IT menjadi pionir untuk peduli terhadap keselamatan bangsa? 'Khan, gampang, kalo terjadi riot dan negara ini tinggal sejarah tinggal kabur ke Singapura, Eropa, atau ke Amerika Utara. 'Khan, bidang kita gampang cari kerjaan.

Gw tahu, kok, negeri ini udah kebiasaan berbuat salah. Jadi, buat apa memperbaikinya? Toh, sebagian besar dari kita gak percaya benar-benar akan keberadaan Tuhan dan namanya akhirat. Toh, hampir semua orang gak mengerti akan artinya Kasih Tuhan dan Tuhan Maha Penyayang. Gak usah berusaha menyelami arti Kasih Tuhan. Gak usah susah-susah menjadi orang yang saleh. Toh, kita cuma tahu duit yang berkuasa, bukan Tuhan.

Buat apa jadi orang peduli?

Why bother?


I don't encourage people to not buying original softwares. It is a must, because people need to be respect for what they have delivered. Please do so.

But, please also mind other disabilities. Please remember to have research as fundamental asset. Please think wise and do right. Think for the future and do for other people.

One of my friend who's in Accenture once tell me the reason why the company sometimes do sosial works (do IT stuff without getting payed):

We belief that if this nation can be put into better level, this nation can have a decent growth. Many emerging companies will need consulting. So, our market can be grown.

So, by thinking others, we can gain benefit at the end. Besides, it is so wonderful to see people have better live.

What's good about life if it just meant for us?