Women Have It All

There is a good reason why women can't have it all. Anne-Marie Slaughter (a professor from Princeton U.) said that most women who love her family would done 2/3 of the household and 2/3 of caring children. So, in order to have both career and family, she must be: 1) sleepless; 2) extremely rich; and 3) self-employee.

I too thought the the same thing, but in Indonesia might have the extreme thing. One of the parents must forget his/her dream and choose to responsible for the family. Your career would demand you a lot of time, so does the family. In here, most of the women would be the one that yield.

Thinking from the biological practice, women has to have carry the baby around for nine months. A year or two her milk needed by the baby. Some take workarounds like breast-feading it from a bottle or using formula milk.

I don't agree on both methods for normal circumstances. A mother touch really makes a different of how baby would grow up. Please don't raise another broken heart candidates.

On the past, people used to be living in a big family. Older family member was assisting the parents to grow the baby. Nowadays, we only have satellite families. People would also felt guilty for his/her spouse for inviting older family (father/mother) member to assists them.

It is quite challenging for this kind of situation.

I have a solution for taking care them in later years. I would suggesting a day care in the office. A parent could bring his/her children there. They could check them regularly and have a nice meeting with his/her child on break time.

This situation would beneficial for office. I can think some of them are:

  1. Office taking care family for their employee favor them. It boost morale, loyalty and results.
  2. Toddler with many friends are taught to be social in their early year. They won't feel lonely.
  3. Office day care could be a meeting place for employees and making their bond strong.
  4. You won't lose a valuable employee.

How many brilliant people chose to end their careers? I might be one. Ha... ha... ha.... No, seriously, many women have so much potential but they took their time off when it was time to settle down.

I think of having office day care in my workplace later and some of my friends seem interested by the idea. In the meantime, I need to find a spouse first and produce a child with her.

Well, anyway, to have them both, parents need to discuss. Some compromises should be taken. Just don't raise another Hitler. If one have decided to have a child, that means that one too has the responsibility to make the child a great person.


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