The World IS Spinning

It is the job of military to keep the kingdom safe and it is the job of the a king to lead the people.

War is an issue of deprivation of humanity. But it made progress, it made innovations and sadly it was the thing that moved the world. Many technology frontiers are being advanced by war. With this merit, some capable people would say that war is not a bad thing.

War is the worst thing!

The problem is, how we will be ever there, a place in time where war is a history lesson and viewed as legendary? Nothing has ever accomplished to eradicate it. There will be wars one way or another.

I've seen many peace pursuer giving up the hope to stop war. But I would like to share a theory of mine of how to pursue dreams without ever burning out -- or at least get the fire on again.

Stay Faith In Your Circle

I believe in the words from Bible that suggests us to stay faith in little things before we are entrusted in bigger ones. It offer a basic wisdom in believing an ideal. It gives panacea in walking the dream. I believe it was like the words used to say in MTV, "Think global, act local."

There is no way a man would change the world. It needs a collective of people with the same desire. Fortunately, it doesn't require a total of population. It only needs few that could stay true to the cause and keep influencing people to do it. It needs people to dream high.

To dream high means that we have to realize that the road takes more than our lifetime. That's what I have realized in the very beginning of my dream. Nothing is new nor rocket science, that trick is what keeping me keep true to my dream.

To have a conscience about the height of our dream will ensure us to not forcing ourselves to achieve the dream in one go. We will see that our lives as one of the contributors.

Now, think about the narrowest thing that we could do with our dreams. Then, share it. Expand your responsibility, but don't be greedy. There are things that we can't do outside our circle. Don't try to fit those in yet.

It is just like an RPG, the main character can't kill the boss dungeon yet.  We have to go leveling up, solve many side quests and find some companions along the way. There is this excitement when we discover some new sites and clearing some dungeon.  We should not forget about this excitement.

To have a belief in a high dream is a tricky matter. The problem to achieve it is not the problem to hurdle but the heart to bear.

Inspired by the graphics novel Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - "Be mine, Hero" "I refuse!"


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