And it died

Once we have a compassion, then came people that took begging as a profession. They are wealthy enough to have a house or two. Some even have their own houses for rental.

Now, we see them as a filthy. They were no longer need to be respected. They were seen as syndicate. Be it a blind man, a women with her child, nor the child; none of them needed to be respected anymore.

And then with the sour feeling, we tried to neglect them. We tried to bury the feeling. We defined those weren't really in needed.

Look, a man was robbed. Meh! Not mine.
Look, a boy resting on the street. Meh! It's just an act.
Look, a lady getting harassed. Meh! Don't want trouble.

Look, a heart is dying. Meh! Not needed.

And I often ask, "are you satisfy with the way you are?"


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