Given and Give

Asking question is like sharing to others. When you are asked back:

"What kind of setup you have?"

and you tell some proprietary craps that could not be disclosed, then you shouldn't bother to ask in the very beginning.

Not that it would just wasting someone's time, which it is. It's just that kind of model does not work. Do you think that person knows Voodoo magic? Do you think he is a prophet?

If we are trying to ask people about something, it means that we are ready to disclose some information. It possess the threat of information theft yet also a possibility of making people do the work well. So, it is best for both interests to open the necessary data for the other person that being asked could assess some answers.

So, if you want an NDA, pay a consultant. Yet, that also pose the same threat and you are also depend on trust. You could only believe that those who you would disclose information have noble integrity.


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