The Truth Is Out There...

I have been wondering lately:

If DPR is house of people's representatives then how can people fired those that incompetent?

If DPR is open to people then why it has walls and fences that could stand zombie apocalypse?

If DPR is a house of democracy then why don't they let one of the yard become a place where people could shout instead letting them in the street in front of its gate?

This morning, I've been foked. In the midst of the jam, I asked to my self:

Why won't people protesting by not submitting to the police raiders that accompanying any car? Why don't we just not let them got through the traffic and let them get stuck with us also? I mean, they should eat their own dog food. To have the effect of their own shitty policies.

And one last question, why won't we force them to use public transportation at least once a week?

Is this kind of protest protected by law?

As inspired by many tweets:

"Naik Angkot diperkosa, naik bus dicopet, naik motor disenggol, naik mobil dibeset, jalan kaki ditabrak, tinggal di rumah banjir.... Jakarta keras, Bung!"

Happy traffic jam!


  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Ternyata ibu kota lebih kejam daripada ibu tiri :)

  2. soalnya kalo lo ga manut ama perintahnya polisi yang maksa lo buat kasi jalan ke mereka, mobil lo bakal dipukulin ampe penyok dan lo bakal ditilang.. i've seen that kind of cruelty.. jadinya ya males aja gitu.. abis gak ada yang belain..


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