Internet people tend to bash person whom against gay. At their game, they love to bash Christianity. They would call Christians whom against gay movement as stupid homophobic.

Seems nowadays many love to depict Christians, and religious people in general, as stupid people. The most controversial movie, Jesus Camp, further depicting Christian movement as a political agenda and brainwashing. In this I agree. This kind of evangelical is wrong.

From the film, it seems that they were from a charismatic church. Charismatics stems from Pentecostal, my view. Because of that, I could tell that obviously they were wrong from the start.

We are a part of Christianity whom believe that people should become an adult before baptized. Pentecostal won't baptize people before they consent with their choice! That's why I've got baptized at my junior high school age (around 14~16). Old enough to have my own decision considering I have read theological books and porns. :-P

My point is, people love to prejudice against all things. And their standard moral of whatsoever is biased against this kind of thing. How would people react to a person that have different view?

For all I know, the Christian's scripture is against gay. It was specifically said in the Scripture on the Old and the New Testament. An example of the passage written by Paul himself made me I consent to this.

"Whoa, in an information age and you still believing in that book?"

Well, to believe God and His Authority is better than believing gay is in a gene. At least God's existence was never been in theory and scientist shy away from proving that one seriously. Gay gene is unproven and mythical. So, while bashing a Christian from his believe, why don't you ask yourself of why would you believe a science fiction?

When people bashing other people. They tend to become an elitist. I, myself, feel this way also when writing this. I am trying to defend my existence especially my pride. In doing so, I find myself inflammatory and vulnerable to make myself superior to other. I hope you keep in mind that I don't want to make this writing that way.

I often get jokes of insulting religious believe. Like the controversial picture of an Arabian kissing by a French magazine, which often referred as an icon of certain religion. Or how a Jewish person pictured in many embarrassing pose which often referred as Jesus. And many insults that posted by people called themselves free open minded people, libertarians.

Not all of the libertarians like that, though. But, I compelled that this kind of thinking is a verbal harassment against our beliefs. The most frightening about verbal harassment is it won't kill people, yet it destruct our mind.

I know that insults to address Christians are not deadly. But, consider this, by labeling Christians as an idiotic person would shy away our kids. Every Christian would have trouble practicing one's faith.

When people having trouble expressing their religion because of the popular view is liberal, it also made my concern as:

"Don't this made liberal view just another religion that suppress other religion?"

When crosses are being pulled from public school I can accept that. But, when people get bullied because they are faith followers, aren't these discrimination?

As the age of information, we tend to blend. Some of us with firm beliefs are not easily convince. Instead of banishing these kind of people, why don't you ask them about people that have opposite belief?

And when a line must be drawn, I would say I object gay movement. But, people who is gay should not be circumcised from their rights. They should be respected as fellow humans. They have their right to believe they are right as much as we are too.

When an openly gay person comes to my house, I would probably welcome the person. And I would likely stand for them in their rights for having their lives. In fact, I have friends whom openly admit their preferences. Yet, I talk with them just like talking to other.

Now, the controversy is when an openly gay person come to my church. What should I do?

I would say, repent. When it comes to religion, this is not to be compromised. This is not exclusively to gay people. It also goes with other beliefs. In other words, they are considered as sinful as non-Christian people even if they were labeling themselves as Christians.

Don't push freedom too much. Religion is a private domain. Meaning, you could do anything as long it doesn't collide with human right and paradox. You can't force a belief to change against its rooting. I am complying to my own standard based on my firm belief of my religion.

But then again, I might be wrong. How about religion that endorse people to kill? Should it be respected?

This is where I said I am not being superior, in fact I feel inferior. I would say I have a double standard. I would say that this religion must delete the part of discriminating non-believer or it should go away. In other words, I'm glad that the law should be enforced in a secular way as possible.

My stance of being double standard because I have a firm standard that every people deserve to live their lives and every people's right is limited to other's right.

All in all, this is my view. People should be respected of whatever their view. People should also take responsibility of respecting other's view. Above them all, no human should be stripped from his/her civil rights.

I know this life is not going to stop here. As we friction each other, there would be times of conflicts. I hope on each of those times we learn each other and balance things up. Deep down also I have fear. A fear of tainting my belief that would made my God disfavor me. Who would not tremble in mind if your belief is being confronted with the opposite?

Openness takes time.


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