My Prayer 2012 (Christian)

A space journey would take eons of light years. Yet, I'm getting old when I am forgetting my aim. Let's keep forward for that destination and never held back, my soul!

I am on a journey to my grave. Still, I'll keep this world painted when I'm still around. Washed by history, yet carved into the heart of some people. I wish a cherished live in that I could say: "I've enough."

Please help me, Jesus, for I have so many naught. This life that should be a dedication to You still be living in errors. Having a weak mind with once a broken soul. This once shattered heart healed because of You. Yet, I am still bound to this flesh.

Let me love, let me feel. Let me smile, let me go. Lord, I love You in this liberal mind. Help me so that I could understand the beauty of You. Not as a scholar nor as a subject, but as a beloved son that you've rescued from the mud.

My frail mind was tempted to be gone astray as others. Chasing bucks of money without ever have to use it. Swindled by capitalism and greed. Enticed by the widow, consumerism.

I know, Lord, statistically speaking these kind of temptations would end me up like others as losers trying to chase my missing years. Searching for something that was traded out of my soul.

Yet, the world is cave in around me. Strangle me with higher inflation. Strangle me with worries. Choke me with fallacies of what if scenarios.

Lord, I'm being tempted to have my own equation of Markov Chain. I am being tempted to make my own P. Help me to rely on your equation. For I know that even if I have IEEE friction, I'd still lose some accuracies.

Lord, I don't know what's wrong with the world. Why the price goes up? Why do we need cars? Why do we need gadgets? Why do we need those fancy pants?

I have no idea of that. I was totally okay with my life. The sky is my roof and earth is my shelter. It was like that. Why would I become others?

Lord, my prayer to You is for me to not gone astray. Chasing my own star not others.

Oh, btw, thanks for my life. Forgive me.

-- A prayer, prelude for 2012.


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