I give different excuses for different person because I extrapolate my actions and decisions based on those excuses.

Why not tell them all the reasons?

Not all people understand what it means to be an idealist. Not all people would think complicated things. Not all people try to understand what's best. And simply because none of them could have a helicopter view of my life.

While taking advices from other is important, missing your own dream is kind of wasted. Advices are there to give feedbacks on how I will extrapolate my decision, but not as a way to design my life. Nope, this life is mine and I have my time to define what is good for me.

Everybody have experiences. That's why every now and then we listen to our parents and seniors. To not listen also is a dumb decision. But, to cling to them is a problem in itself.

We knew already that littering could cause flood. The waste could intoxicate the land. And for some, the waste could host many illness. Yet, still I see people dropping them with no consent.

Listening to people that let go their dreams is hazardous. They would infect us with mind of letting go the struggle and choose the easy path. A path where we have our lives to have a soulless life.

They say you would be safe there.

But, I keep asking myself, "have you ever heard people without problems?"

And the answer is always, "nope."

If living an easy path also have thorny path, why don't I struggle with my dreams instead?

No need for meticulous answer. I could sense that everyone is afraid of what we do would affect our future. That's true, I have that point in life when I asked myself of what have I done. Then, I realize that I have made a great deal; things that I could brag.

I believe my life is ridding on Land Rover. I believe the car could done heavy duty task. I believe my car was created for an adventure.  And I'm driving it off road.

I'm not a fool, though. I have prepare all the necessity. I have wear knee armor. I have consult about the terrain ahead.

And when everything seems frightening, I believe God, my Sponsor, is watching me closely.


  1. ...so you won't take an arrow to the knee...

    1. Yep, so that I can still adventuring not just becoming a city guard... It's not fun just getting stuck in a place and regretting the past.


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