Why So Insecure?

This obvious and the girl still wasn't sure about the man feeling...

Picture taken from Mangareader.


  1. and what is that? you can't conclude a man's feeling just from this picture only :P

  2. pomponette9:28 AM

    maksudnya apa sih jep?? ni komik apa yak, kliatannya lucu xD

  3. @Ajay:

    I don't know, but why women doesn't get the gesture of mens? Usually men doesn't get used to show their affections by words, it's embarrassing. But, you'll now how a man would do things ended up with the women still feeling unsecure....

    To me, that's a mystery. The gesture was there. But, the message is not received well....


    Nama komiknya L-DK.


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