People always saying things so lightly. Things like "I love you", "I swear", and the list go on. These sentences often said but done. These sentences are deemed as decorative and people started to laugh at those every time a person said that.

What you said is something that either strengthening or weakening your spirit. If the sentence becomes dull, then it no longer have the power to strengthening nor weakening. But, that's just making your live closer to null, an opposite of something.

Well, to put it simple, how about to take a sentence or two and starts to consume it. Take it, analyze it, and take something from it.

I would propose a good sentence with many ways of describing it
"Humans are faulty"
Do you realize the weight of this sentence?

At first I would just accept it as a word of God because it is written in the Bible. But, then again Bible stated that if we knew the truth, then the truth would set us free. I don't want sounded preachy about this. But, in the case that sentence, knowing this is what can make us free.

Set free from the hate of others

I learned through the hard way that hate is a terrible anchor. At first, the lingering feeling of belonging makes the ship unharmed. The anchor would let us in the same position on an island of our comfort zone.

The problem is, life is an open sea where radical changes of typhoon would occur.

I had a trip on Danau Toba. We were on a two store boat rounding the lake. The boat was for us to have all day. We took the chance to visit many places.

At noon, the lake was calm. We took the opportunity to visit many places. Often the boat anchored and we took off from it and walked the shore. Those spots were interesting sights.

In the afternoon, things getting complicated. We were ready to arrive at our final destiny. The wind getting stronger and the lake making huge waves.

We were unable to embark to the shore. The sailor were trying to keep the rope at shore while we were jumping one by one. The ship body get thrown from side to side. The ship unable to stabilize.

Many part of the ship began to collapse, especially the side bumper. The bumper beginning to fall one by one. The ship were unable to land properly and the anchor was making it stuck on that place.

Out of desperation, the sailor went to say goodbye to us and then cut the anchor. The ship needed to go. Staying at that place was devastating.

So, there it went.

The ship was save because it cut its anchor. Unfortunately, because of the process, the captain's dog was left behind. It was a nice dog that always with the captain. It was obedient and seems to know how things worked.

Staying in the same place, getting anchored was okay. But, don't take too long on it. The anchor would destroy the ship when the storm comes.

Let go the anchor and sail away. Let go the hate and forgive.

Set free from the hate of own self

Yeah, that's right the thing that must forgiven is not someone else. It is your self!

I would love to discuss this, but my time is up. My body alarm is up. I think you know what I mean, right?

How to set free

Now, let's starts thinking this carefully: "humans are faulty"

That means, either I, you and others may have the day when we make mistakes. The guilty feeling is not what God intended to create to make people suffer. But, it was meant to make people learn from the mistake.

When guilty makes you thinking and making you be a better man, then it served its purpose. Beyond that, the guilty is not right.

Walk and look straight forward. Every mistake is a lesson, but it also the symbol of us, lives. Shows the sign of evolution, process of making a better me.

The mistake also carry consequences, but that's the price that not always charged. There will be a time when we are not burdened by that consequences.

That's because life of a human is changing. For good or bad, you decide.

Inspired from the story Onani Master Kurosawa. I wanted to write more but my eyes couldn't keep up.

To be continued (if time permits and author not lazy....)


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