The World Will See

The world have been devastated in its state for these few years. US decision to go on war have turns yet another misleading interpretation. US, as one of the large country suffer from a great delusion called terrorism. Suffocating from the 9/11, US tried to find an answer but failed to do so with better understanding.

Many believes that Bush administration is a mess. But sadly as I watched on TBN, some pastors make their sermon to make majority support on Bush. With their misinterpretation of Bible, they make a vague message that Bush is on the religious war over injustice and struggle for peace in the world.

Yes, they are right about injustice in the Middle East and how people over there could easily converted into suicide bombers for vague reasons. Yes, they have extreme social gap there. But, no, you could not use force to change their culture. You could not barge in to them and be a hero. They will never understand that.

There is great tool for this which called diplomacy which US haven't use, yet. How will it succeed? The Cuba Crisis is the example how American avoid war with understanding between nations and how people exchange their minds and fear to achieve peace. They do it with talking back then, why not today? Are lobbyists only paid to do the FUD nowadays?

Well, I think the first election of Bush Jr. administration was the key. If that day Al Gore had won the election, the world would be different by now. If Al Gore not redraw from the election recount against supreme court, we may see him not Bush running the white house.

I think, Gore is a family guy while I only see Bush as one of the Oil Company men. So, they have different views about politics and how America should go. One is for the greener earth, the other might for the greener pocket. Well, we know now in which human respond. :P

Anyway, today we have the fresh US as the new leaders will bring US far from its conservative view. One is a lady and the other one is an African-American. Who ever wins, will put US in a new direction. Hopefully, it is for the greater good.

Well, I as the 3rd world countrymen could only see what's going on and feel the effects. Hopefully many Americans would get educated and know that their choice affects the world.


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