The Power of Configuration

host:[CENSORED] | time:09:24 AM | jobs:0 | user:root
~> /etc/init.d/postgresql start
ERROR: PostgreSQL postmaster did not start because of an unknown reason.
PostgreSQL's init script (/etc/init.d/postgresql) attempted
to start the postmaster, however, this failed because of an unknown

This should not happen and is a serious problem. Please examine the
situation (please take a look at the log files). If you know the
reason why it failed and, then please file a bug report to Debian
(unless the reason is something obvious like a full disk).

And what may be the unknown reason?

At the line 26 of /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf just lie the culprit:
debug_level = 0

Wow, this could lead to another internet black out and some system down and we all go to home without getting paid but sued.

Having it after upgrading Sarge to recent version.



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