To everyone that think otherwise than anyone else:


They may shut your dream and say impossible things. Well, the only thing that make it impossible is the thought of yourself creating a wall where you cracked.

A wise man said:
Life is like foreign language and everybody said it wrongly.
Life is like a fractal. No one knows and it is difficult to watch. But as a grand design, it illustrates the most beautiful painting.

Do you know rainbow comes after the rain? Today maybe your dark day, tommorow shall come a rainbow of your life.

Everything is in place. Everything is intact. The only wrong thing is your way of thinking and seeing things. Why don't you look around?

You may see a person have a better life than you. See it for yourself. No one have their lives without a hard time. You may see the person in the person best fruit.
No one have the right to say you are nothing, crap, sh*t, or junk. If they have done so, they are trying to say that to Your Creator. Don't be pissed off, coz there is up there already pissed. You are created dearly!
The Creator self have said that you are beautiful, a crafted jewerly. Your disabilities may be your advantages if you know how to use it.

Grateful is the power of life.
-created by JP-


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