Temptation of JP (Live from Warnet)

Man, so much temptation I've here...

Not just hot pics downloaded by other perverts, but you know the one that us as computer scientists tempted to do....

I'm so pissed that my current Warnet can play BattleNet only in a server and it only can be registered by one IP. OK, I've got seduced to change the IP address and try to register again in other name, my nick. Hmm... if I can change my name, how 'bout bypassing the billing system and, let's say, put the bill about 1 hour? Nobody notice in the crowd about it until it's too late.

Hmm... take it easy, JP. Take a deep breath and blow it out slowly. Easy... easy... good

How 'bout open a friendster page. You have a new friend request there...

OK, then I tried to open the friendster. HOLY COW!!! (it's connected with COW in that mapping game alongside with CASH COW and.. what the??)

I open it and I already logged as someone else. COOL.. eh I mean NO! That lucky person... how dare he challenged me! How dare he tempted me to do something with his profile...

ARGH... alrite, this conversation should be done. I must get out from this Warnet. Man, this is too much. I think Friendster should have policy about session just like Yahoo! or Google Mail. If not, someone like somebody not me will use the login to do internet jamming. Btw, I don't have the ability to do so. It's against my belief... (OK, I'm not so religious but...)

Audioscrobbler also have the same behaviour, btw.

Hmm.. funny thing just passing in my head about security. It's from the Belua (??) security seminar or something. Man, that crap! I can't stand to laught.

Imagine, from a session, a guy promoted a system where every single SSH tunnel is drived into the territory of Admin in an enterprise. OK, let me speak in human language.

Imagine this:

In an enterprise, every single information that encrypted must be decrypted into a firewall before it's sended over the network such Internet (I use lame word as Inet from now forward). In the firewall server, the information will be examined by a tool (I've forget the name of the crap, I don't remember crap apps!). The firewall is held by an administrator (or bunch of).

Trying to wipe misuse disaster of a company by depending to some bunch of people is a hell great way to DESTROY your company. No matter how people are, the temptation is too much to not misuse it! Man, I could even sell Jesus for that privilege! I can collect the company account and any personal account that passing by.

That man shows how incompetent he is to be a security admin, he and his company! Though he's from abroad (you know, island that can sink if every people from Indonesia put litter on it), he cannot say that my country that damned fool! My country is the land of carders and Inet punksters how can he talk about security that easy!
[Note: gw gag mo ngehina dia, tapi entah deh... Pokoknya gw gag maksud hati. Kalo dia ato yang berhubungan dengan dia baca blog gw, gw mohon maaf sebesar-besarnya. Gw cuma pengen curhat buang stres. Ampun, Bang. OK, I'll go polite.]

I think he doesn't even learn about the division of three. Yup! An enterprise should function in three different role, so does this ICT stuff. You should consider to do division of three task. So, each role can responsible to other one and watch over the other one.

Argh... Why this post just like a lecture???

Go find yourself about the three division and social Inet in an enterprise. You might dig it yourself. Those are the topic of my free research, so if I have time, I'll write down it.

Btw, the clock is running late. So, I think I've manage myself to gain conciusness against the evil temptation.

Bye, I don't need this thread anymore as I have already finished my business without any misuse of other's account. Thank you, Lord!


  1. inilah yg seharusnya di-edu to each single person, especially Indonesia that security is also their responsibility.

    Yeah, just try a simple thing like don't ever leave your browser with your account still login, even it's just Friendster :)

  2. anak KI 2006(depannya huruf P)6:37 PM


    Suhu... please teach me...
    I saw your picture everytime I turned on the computer in the lab (1227). You must be the master of universe because you have your picture in our computer


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