Do I Really Not Have My Life Properly Installed?

I've found an interesting quote from my friend's blog:
To my close friend that know of my story. Am I really that much of missing life? Is the robotic life I have is not life?


  1. cute quote khan... =)

    btw, gimana neh kabar kelanjutan hidup ?? =P

  2. Hidup gw baik dan sempurna...

    Sekarang gw mensyukuri kebebasan gw sebagai pengangguran. Hidup pengangguran! Hehehe... Tapi gag lama lagi...

    Btw, ur rite. Atleast I know the love of our God.

  3. yah, love itu bisa macem2... at least lu pasti mencintai sesuatu kan...

  4. Anonymous4:17 AM

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