Gibberish Jabberish (Lame CV)

Hmm... I've just thinking about something when I've write down my resume (CV). There was an interesting part that I am thinking rite now. Man, I've wondered why on earth my CV was not so many to write off.

OK, started with organization experiences.

Eversince in highschool, I have bitter thought about student organisations. Student council or OSIS for example, I think this was a fraud organization with lack of discipline and they had an ospek kind of thing. I disrespect them for later.

Later, my friend told me that people in higher education have better work attitude. He said that student organization in the university is kind of professional and have no jibberish stuff. But, prove me wrong, I see student council in F******m and B*M U* have the bad thought out of me. They shattered my dream of professionalism.

F******m SC, doesn't have enough reputation to live for. Even so, their throughputs and visions are low. Can they envision something? Nope, they even have the deadliners attitude. I'm sorry guys, I too have this kind of attitude, but to have an organisation this big to have that is way too far. Maybe, I don't think there are enough people with commitment to do the rite stuff. CMIIW, coz I don't mean to harm people with my statements. So, I'm sorry.

B*M U* are the worst of them all. Scandals that attacked the leader and many issues have corrupted them from the idealism that they thought lifted high as their banner. The thing is, I don't want to talk about it, about how some people are getting paid for demonstration (ups..). :-P

So, where I should waste my talents? I ended up with joining spiritual organisations. I am activist in my church, this is my list of ability:
1. Worship Leader.
2. Teacher of youth (Remaja).
3. Band player. (Keyboardist and bassist, used to be drummer but the vacancy is filled with many talented people)
4. I'm one of the team member of Afternoon Service.
5. I'm one of the member of Youth council. I'm coordinator of the spiritual section.

In campuss, I had the experience to have:
1. Member of POSA Fasilkom (as prayer section).
2. Member of coordinator of PO Fasilkom.
3. Keyboardist at PUI 3 2005 (2004?)
4. Keyboardist at Kebaktian Pengucapan Syukur Maba dan Alumni Baru 2003.
5. Keyboardist X-mas @ Fasilkom, nursing faculty.
6. One of guitarist in Fasilkom.
7. Replacement of Small Group Leader.
8. Panpenmaru 2006.

In highschool:
1. Member of christian student council.

hmm... you may think I'm such religious. Not quite at all, folks. I am not one of the people that have golden ring above my head. It's just that I had a research about people organisations, especially this type.

From the people that get involved with this activity -- data gathered since highschool until now -- the data show positive correlation between Religious and Achievement. Meaning, the more religious the person, the more result the person can achieve.

When I studied, I found that anybody that have experience in such organisation tend to have well behave manner and high responsibility. But, the best result from it that I manage to see is the devotional act that they have. Man, I have a friend that have sense of belonging in very high term. This organisation also have the vision stated clear and have long term program (known as mission) and have their programs in a guidance book (also called as The Bible).

Moreover, the leader of this group have the better understanding about leadership that make them capable of running a group of people more efficient. I studied, no man wants to be ordered unless they see their leader do the good thing. The leaders learn to be devotional, thus making them have more respect on themselves.

Duh, this is getting dull. I stop there... More of my research are the courtesy of myself.. hehehe....

But, I'm aware that not many people realise the throughput of people that have religious activity. So, all of those experiences I put away from my CV. I think my experiences would be advantages for me when I am already working.

Next, how 'bout my experience?

1. Hmm... I could tell you that each year I have at least 1 religious meeting known as Retreat.
2. I have attended youth meeting held by YLKI, but I've forgot what the heck that.
3. I have many seminars attended and they have no prove cause I thought at the time about the experiences I could gathered not the real.
4. I have been a speaker to some of student forums, e.g. once in a Vice/President Candidates Debate BEM UI 2006/2007.
5. My internship at BPPT with not-finished project SMS Gateway.
6. Hacking kernel, apps, and stuff.
7. (once) cr**king apps and such (Ups... no way Jose! No evidence!)
8. SMUN webmaster(though it's no more)
9. Assistant of DPBO.

So because of my clumsy thought, I only managed to fill out my CV with my internship experience.

Having my Geocities site cracked, I wondered why on earth those noobs hacker wannabes still insist on going cracking anything. If you do have guts and really a true hacker, go hack some programs. Why not help the Open Souce Community, or maybe you just don't have enough brain and skillz to do so? Hmm.. I'm ashamed to people that crack (OK, I'm ashamed of myself.. a bit). Besides, can we put on our CV like this: Cracking Apps X with fishing and Hex disassembler, cracking site X through port Y, etc? All I know that would be evidences to put us behind bars.

Next, how 'bout my event experience?

1. Many of religious events from highschool and university, e.g., chairman of Christian Organizations Tour of SMUN 81, member of RPI 2003 & 2004 as Transportation and Financial, and member of my church youth retreat event.

2. J2EE Seminar & Workshop as kuli bangiunan (what the English word for Utility?)

3. Debian Conference 2 as numpang nama bikin acara (what the English word for that?)

OK, I have only 3 types. #1 is going no where. My oh my, I've never attended #2 and #3. I only manage to get to work but don't show up in the day the two events. I guess I'm a lame.... Nope, there are some excuses, but I don't intend to reveal it right now. Anyway, I've managed to get the #2 and #3 in my CV.

So, in the end I've write down so little in my CV, 1 and some line. My CV only reflects the little of my potentials. That's OK, I like being my potential like iceberg. I have a reason that going on since highschool to prove something. That reason also why I kept my IP between 2.75 and 3.00. But, that's the other story. If someone wants to hire me, show me some trust and I'll give them results! U never know when I'm really getting SERIOUS!


  1. yes, we (will? :P) never know. So, tell me when that happens, ok ;)

  2. makan2x :D

    ok, kita apakan ini kampus?

  3. JP, you will find your way. tenang aja. Someone will find your true potentials.
    kalau anda bintang, di manapun anda berada, anda akan bersinar :)

    OK, tetep semangat.


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