Pope Francis speaks about Charlie Hebdo case. And then, people start bashing Pope Francis and accusing him as the proponent of the terrorist act. For them, it is alright to bash a religion because it is only a religion.

But, as Voltaire, one of the thinker from France said:
To learn who rules over you, simply learn who you are not allowed to criticize.
This freedom of speech is a double standard. Maurice Sinet, a veteran writer at Charlie got fired because he wrote about anti-semitic article. Apparently you can bully some people but not the other one, especially the one percent.

Many people argue about this, but let me ask you a question:

Did the article kill someone? Did anyone get hurt physically?

But, no, that is bla... bla... bla... this and bla... bla... bla... that different. Same old sheep comment. Parroting what the media told them.

Both are hurtful. One for Islamic culture and one for the Jewish community. You can't defend one and tossing the other. That's double standard and hypocrisy.

People come from different culture also have different thought process and values. By setting your own value to others, don't you think that you have become a dictator? That "freedom of speech" now also include an option to bully other culture.

Satire and dark comedy was supposedly created to poke people so they can be reflective. Which means, it needs to be intelligent and fun. It needs to give the audience a sense of little pride to protect so that person could shrug it off. That's why it needs more than that to be a Jester.

Nevertheless, this era of Internet have brought many people from around the globe. I think culture clashes is unavoidable. They would spark more in the future until we have grown enough to be able to respect each other.


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