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Me! Me! Me! is a title for an animated video clip. The song composed by Teddyloid and sung by Hana. The video clip was an original work of Hibiki Yoshizaki. The animation was directed by Shuichi Iseki.

Yoshizaki-sensei and Iseki-sensei were collaborators in Evangelion 3.0. Hmm... no wonder this video clip full of eerie things. These guys are twisted. :-)

To understand the meaning, I read about the song. The song is in three parts, which you can see in the website as well. A redditor posted a translation of the song. I also read the Google translation of the song in the original site just for getting rough image of what this song about.

The song was sung by a girl perspective. It was kind of vague to me. It seems this song about Otaku culture. Specifically, this seems about people that obsessed with 2D characters (anime/manga).

Thus, at the time of writings, I got 2 interpretations in mind. The first one is from myself. The second one interpreted by someone else.

First Interpretation: 2D character Normal vs Lewd version

The boy was imagining the 2D characters as his girlfriends. Then, he fall into the lewd world of Dōjinshi (Doujinshi). Doujinshi is a fan fiction art created by the fan for their leisure.

It's like Harry Potter of Malfoy X Hermione coupling. But, as I watched over the course, these fan fictions are getting more and more lewd. They are going to the extreme level.

If you asked my opinion me about what's the most successful genre of hentai this moment, then the answer would be NTR (Netorare). Netorare is a concept of the heroine cheated/getting banged by someone else. And if you take a scale on hentai, most of them are going into weird sex that I have self-censored.

What? How come they become so lewd?

This perversion seems encouraged by the mainstream Japanese comic (manga)/Japanese animation (anime) production houses. Look at how many fan services nowadays in manga/anime. You can't find manga/anime without those slight perversion nowadays.

This is fair.

All because the money making business insiders think that a comic/fan service will sell hard. They seems have learnt that they can leech people more from perversion.

In the manga industry, there would be a time when a heroine clumsily tripped at the hero. The famous "fan service" would fall apart into two scenarios: first, the hero's hand touched her breast; second, the hero mouth touched her pinky.

In the anime industry, they can sell a DVD of an anime with steams and white flashes censored "fan service" moments. Later on, they would produce a Blue Ray edition with no steam and white flash.

But, but, not all animes with such perversion, for instance take K-ON!

Oddly enough, there is also a puritan path. These kind of otaku would adore a cute and innocent heroine. These type "pure" manga/anime will not have any fan service. Even if you could see one, that fan service would never noticable.

These purist love a pure heroine. A heroine of ideal character that will never cheat on them. Her innocent often depicted with their clumsiness and air-headed personality are parts that charmed these purists.

They are so in love with this character to the extend that they chaste the voice actress just for the sake of protecting their delusions.

The most notorious victim of these Otakus was Aya Hirano. She was a voice actress of Haruhi, a pure maiden in Melancholy of Haruhi. She has this innocent voice that made the Haruhi character lovely.

However, a photo scandal broke out. She was caught of having sex with her band, except the bassist. The puritans got a wind of this and hell broke loose. The next thing we know she was no longer a voice actress. And, she got bullied for some times in her personal life.

These puritan adore their fantasy to death. They believe in the purity of their 2D characters. Some even take one of these 2D heroines into a fantasy wife (Waifu).


Yes, as pointed in the second part (Pt. 2) of the song, he got a glimpse of how he used to have making pure love delusions with his innocent 2D character.


Then, wouldn't they also made sex as any healthy husband and wife relation would do with this delusional character?

This is how they split their mind.

People with talented drawing skill would take their times and write fantasy about it. Those fan fictions sold at conventions and have high demand. These fantasy writers even have their own booth and followers (circle). The most famous of your circle, the most likely your booth will be put on display/strategic place. This kind of fan fiction product is called Doujinshi.

The characteristic of Doujinshi is the depiction of 2D heroine in erotic body.

Usually, the pure heroine in the original pure maiden would be depicted as slender and proportional. In the Doujinshi, however, the drawer would take  liberties to enhance certain sexual parts to entice the readers. The heroine often depicted in sexy/sensual poses.

Alas, these imageries turned into Otaku masturbation sources.

That's not the end of it. These lewd creators would increase the absurdity in sex. As I told before, in the end they would defiled the heroine into unthinkable stories.  Why would they do that? Because that sells, my friend.

Like depicted in the third act of the song, there is this sense of inferior-complex in the Otaku character. This may comes from how the society look at them. How their family would despised them. To the normal society, Otakus regarded as low as the insects.

Thus, they vent their anger at these fantasy characters. They want to conquer these pure characters. It seems deflowering these maiden characters satisfy their frustration for society, parents and anyone who look down of them. I guess it would bring them a sense of male domination kind of delusion.

FYI, this kind of behaviour perfectly captured in a manga by Ise-sensei, Onani Master Kurosawa. And I believe the behaviour also referenced many times in other manga as well.

Anyway, the conquering is depicted as him shooting each of the character. Every time he shot one of the heroine, she burst into you-know-what liquid.

Many Otakus would consume these fan fictions and fall for extreme sex stories as references. In every shot, it made them sink lower. Their naughty fantasies are eating their consciences away. Hiding the innocent character that once they knew of.

These Otakus....

They would never see their 2D Waifu the same anymore. With their lewd minds, every heroine that exists could becomes a masturbatory material.

No, they can no longer have the ability to differentiate the characters as innocent. In their mind, they have defiled every (2D) women that interesting to them.

Gone is the pure character.
Gone is the maiden heart.
Gone is the character.

Now the Otaku can only see the intended pure character as an object of sex only. Thus, the pure heroine says sayonara to the Otaku character in the end of the video.

For a reference to back my analysis, take a look at the interpretation of Sleep Paralysis that the guy having.

Oh, BTW, the name of the guy is Suu. 

Second Interpretation: Real vs 2D Girlfriend

For your convenience, here is another interpretation done by a Youtube user Ultimatemariolover:

Here's my interpretation of the song based on both the original video and lyrics (which are sung in Hana's, the girlfriends, perspective):
Basically, it's about a guy who is a typical Otaku/nerd. He is so deeply obsessed with this image of this perfect anime girl. (depicted by the blue haired girl and other pink-haired girl with the ponytail that symbolizes the way his fantasies control him and maybe even an aspect of what he wishes his girlfriend would be like)
He is so obsessed to the point where he even chooses this fantasy over his real girlfriend (The pink haired girl crying during the flashbacks), and breaks up with her. However, he soon begins to realize that he may not have made the right choice.
In seeing this, he begins to fight back against his fantasies and lust (Thus the part in the middle of him transforming and shooting all of the females). However, his own fantasies eventually overpower him, and he finally gives in to it.
At the end, there is symbolism that shows his obsessions literally eating him alive. When he opens his eyes at the end like he did at the beginning of the video, it shows that the cycle will be bound to repeat again and again. As the saying goes, if someone doesn't learn something from their mistake, they're bound to repeat it.
I don't buy this. The song is much more deeper that this, I think. But, this analysis already took my sleep time already. Good night (GMT+7)!


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