Je Suis Moi

Commenting on Charlie Hebdo is heavy. I wait a while before writing this. It is not that I'm trying to justify the terrorist cause. But, I just want to say that the magazine got the risk they were betting on. They lose.

They knew that Islam quite sensitive about their religious belief. They knew that it would insults many people. Yet, they do it over and over again.

Of all people, they should have known that not many people have dark sense of humor. Especially, the one that being made fun was the fundamental of their belief, i.e. religion.

There is something that non-religious people fail to understand. When people take religion to the heart, it becomes a raison d'ĂȘtre for that person. People would die for that reason.

An atheist will stand to his belief of not trusting any existence known as god. A religious person will stand to his belief about his god. Trekkies fought between Original series and The Next Generation series. Can you call Star Wars stinks to a fanboy?

The one contemporary example of idolatry found in South Korean fans. You would found them fans following their idol to anywhere. When I said anywhere, it means anywhere. That's why some idol there have tight bodyguards.

How scary their fans are depicted perfectly when once in a while fans war broke out. They would harass the rival idol. They would go as far as crushing any people trying to soil their idol. Yup, they are really overprotective.

It's not the cause that matters. All of us have silly causes. All we need is respect each other.


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