My Worldview

There is nothing more irritating than a time when you were doubted at something that you good at. And the most irritating from it is when people dictate you what to do about life. As if they were pro at it.

I never once forced people to accept my way of life. Not all people have encounter life and death experience. And people who did, not all of them learn from it.  I don't want to be judgemental, but I've seen people who just being evil even after what happened.

And how am I going to explain to a "normal" person about there are things bigger than life? How am I going to convince people about their lives are worth in each breath they take? How am I going to show them that working is not life?

I know we born naked and die naked. All of what we have is nothing but just portrait in memory. So, I decided to always take my picture with a smile.

Some people said that life is a struggle. I enjoy every challenge in my life. I chose my job. I don't even consider my job a job. I'm getting paid of what I love to do, my hobby.

I mean, life is a choice and acceptance. I have accept my life of what I have. People become stressful of because what they thought they don't have. Some of those might not and some might already have.

Not all what we desire is what we need. Not what we need is what we desire. Not all we need is something that made us alive.

My Positivism

Our value of life, that's what matters. What we think, define of what we are. So, why not have a discipline of what we think?

Is there anything good from talking about someone? Is there any good comes from hating people? Is there?

Well, there is pride. What is pride? You decide what is pride what is ego. Ego is again about acceptance. Learning to accept things will makes things work up.

I mean, there is nothing to be done about the past. People make mistakes. Learning from it and making decision about it is what makes us a better person... or not.

But, what we don't judge is not something.

My Faith

Not all people have their experience with their belief. Well, I have met my God. That was an exciting experience. I was enlightened and vindicated. I've found my peace at my religion.

How am I going to explain it to people when visitation and faith is not something orthodox?

9GAG people always said that if my relig/ion made me do good things with other people, then carry on. But, I disagree with them when they said to keep it for myself.

What if this good thing that made me good also needed for others?

I mean, the wisdom taught from the religion made me a good person. Why don't I introduce this thing to other in case they also compatible with the teaching?

What I despise the most is actually when any of religion, including mine, forcing what I thought to others. So, yeah, I disagree on not spreading my religion.

What I agree is that I don't force my way into people accepting my religion only. I even accept different people with different faiths.

Like Pastor Rick Warren said, some people might have a great faith into not believing any god. I respect them. But, I don't have that much faith. My faith is because of my encounter and it might not work with others. So, why would I force something that not guarenteed worked? 

My Thinking

I stopped reading a long time ago. That's because I was in the verge of a line from "normal" and philosophical [read:weird]. And what makes some people think that I don't think at all?

Do you think from what I have wrote here, I'm a kindergarten student?

My Action

I extrapolate my actions. Meaning, I have made my study before taking any decision about it.  So, instead of judging any of my action as wrongdoing, why don't people at least see the result first?

Sometimes what I do is not orthodox. I wish people would see from the bigger picture instead of doubting and shaking my foundation. I perceive from what I see. I learn from other people and developed my own framework for my life.

Anyway, this made me realize that I need not to judge hastly about other person. Every person's action is generated by the thought. The thought was inputted by past events.

What is the purpose of judging people when it doesn't gain you anything but a negative potential?

My Love

Okay, this time I'm a newbie. Please teach me gently.


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