This morning I watched Mama Dedeh. It's an Islamic spiritual show. The topic was about a widow of Indonesian veteran hero who almost got kicked from her house. According to PP 1994, a person who lives more than ten years can have the house. So, she struggle to get her house and brings this matter to court.

When she struggled, the other side also put a fight and took her into trial. In her interview she said, "If I will ever found guilty in this trial, I will take my husband's remainings from Taman Makam Pahlawan [a burial place for Indonesian heroes] and put them on public burial."

I don't know the other side's story. But, when I heard about it, I suddenly wanted to cry. At that time I remember Dennis Ritchie and how the world doesn't even know him.

Weird. We remember Steve Jobs and his way to introduce Apple product. We don't remember the one that introduce modern programming and almost all applications created with it.

The world remembers the one who took the talk and not the one that took the path.

Sadly, I'm one of the world. But, I'm learning to not taking all for granted. I know for what I have is provided by other people that taking their life for it. I wish I'm not part of the ignorance.


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