Some Study That I Used to Know (Gotye Parody)

My sentiment exactly.

I remember when my chemicel teacher used to say,
You learned in elementary so you could pass into junior high. You learned in junior high so you could got into highschool. And all these three years you'd spent will be determined in SPMB (SNMPTN/national test for entering higher education) to enter university. So, basically, you spent 12 years of your life just for SPMB.
 That sentence I took it to the heart and spent the rest of my senior high looking for something I like. I've got my self a passion for computer programming, a self-search ended up being Christian and a resolve of how this life would go on.

It's all about passion.

I didn't have any special local achievement. The three years of having first rank in elementary school is the same as the three years of got nothing in high school. None of them have any application in my life right now. But, those years I've spent build my character into something with passion.

I know this life is like an RPG. You are a character with special attribute. If you are a magician, don't use all the stat point for physical, but spend it well into manna.

I don't excel in social, so I won't force myself to be good in that subject. I don't think I could manage in Biology. So, I don't like to be a doctor.

I love using computer. I love to tinker it around. I love talking about it. So, I think it is my passion on it. And here I am, a computer geek.

I know what I am doing and I'm confident with my skill. With the set of skill I have, I can promote myself to other without the fear of being nothing. I don't pretend that I know all. But, what I know is what I'm confident of.

The Connecting Dots

I love running for something from my passion. Maybe it is not something that seems profitable. People even would set they eyebrow and saying, "are you crazy?"

Well, not really.

In my elementary school, the results of having three consecutive years of having first rank built my confident. It made me wanted to read more. I read books of about religion, philosophy and cognitive learning.

Results of having to read all of those books, especially religion in general, were making me doubting my faith into Christianity and other religion as well. It liberated my mind for being bounded by the fear of being sentenced in hell.

In my high school, I had encounters with God. This made me realize that something was missing from my logic that made me defy God. Thanks to my doubting God, I rediscover my faith. And because of this rediscovery, it was stronger than ever.

I love Him not because of the fear being sentenced to hell and any illogical things. But, to find faith out of the awe and experiences. And I've found my reason d'etre. I want to do something.

I believed that Open Source was the key for the future. It wasn't a solution at the time. But, I knew back then that something that socially good would came with results. This belief is because of my restored faith in Christianity in my years of senior high.

I believed that my serving in Open Source is my part as a Christian missionary. I believed God sent us to this earth to proclaim about "Good News". This Open Source is my "Good News".

Let people know about the reason why we should giving each other. Let people know that there is a person that stands for them. Let people know that there is a way to be redeemed. Let people know that they have a chance from economical and science gap.

I spent all the years learning about Open Source. Be an extremist of Open Source movement. Even some people would found me that I was being too persistent. VB was a great language, but it wasn't open source so I refused to study it.

My knowledge of Open Source led me to enter PPSI UI. In there, my passion led me to create a robust smart card framework (with the help of others, of course). I even took the challenge of maintaining Kambing when nobody wanted to do it.

Thanks to those, I became a respectable men there.


In my first year of working there, I was sent as one of the ambassador from PPSI to UKM, Malaysia. In my second year, I was in a part of a team from UI that was sent to Singapore as a contestant in APICTA.

My curiosity of learning Open Source also led me to know about many things. I was in the first student in Huawei Lab, RFID Indonesia, was invited in discussion about WiMAX and many open source show.

I believe all the past experience made me as I am today. Some read it as "the past made the future". But, I prefer to read it as, " the past is a preparation for the future".

All of the prior knowledge I have and all that I was built into, they made sense after a while. Don't you feel the same?

My Sentiment

And now people want their children to have high grade in all things. They even enjoy their children cheating. Sent their children for additional studies. Rob their play time with many extracurriculars. Parents becomes high expectation Asian father.

What would you achieve from the children that cheated on school?

Ten years from that time, they would be the one that rob innocent people, or maybe ditch you somewhere because you have manage to kill his/her kind heart.

What would you expect from the children without a dream?

You force them into what you like. You don't want him into engineering because you want him becomes accountant. You don't want her to be a musician because she could pass as a medical person.

When people thought that the chosen road is liable, they are wrong. Being a doctor is as hard as being musician. Each road we take, either we like the road or not, have its own difficulties. Each has its own rocks to stumble.

So why not let them choose the road that they love? Instead of being mediocre, let them be heroes in what they love. People excel at the things they love because they give their all.

PS: Thanks Dad and Mom for supporting me and let me choose what I love to do and help me with my dreams.

PPS: Parents, lead your children into a steel character and let them choose what they love.


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