Question of Life

A cousin of my friend was asking me about life, the meaning of life for me. The goal of life. And my expected achievement of life.

It seemed he was bugged when I answered about my profession, "I am just a regular administration worker at UI". He said, we are not just some regular. We have things that can be done. We have the power. Etc... etc... all the goodies of urban positivism thinking.

Then, I told him that I just want to have a happy life. And then he asked, "what is happiness means to you?" I answered, "When every day I wake up and can be thankful. That's my resolve."

He wasn't satisfied with my answer and told me that's an abstract way of answer.

What's so abstract to be able to say "Thank you, Lord, for things today?" on every day?

To be honest, I respect his way of life; of how he have determination; of how he know how to achieve his dreams; and especially of how he teach his son.

That's why, I don't want to bother him with my way of thinking. I don't like him to have enlightenment like me and suddenly be a hermit mode. Worst, he could stop dreaming. Ha... ha... ha.....

Let me tell you this, do you know what book of the Bible that I love? It is Ecclesiastes. And the strong point of it is "everything under the sun is useless". This part of Bible is so intriguing and I have favor this particular book since highschool.

Of course, this book is not for the simple minded people. People whom love to bash other people's thinking without ever have proper assertion. Forgive me, but these kind of people can't get it and may have two ways of thinking: have no expectation of life and the second is to reject the idea completely.

As a man that have been in the life and death situation, I know better that this scripture is talking about taking one's life with ambition but not attached to it. Or having a life with no ambition but not attached to that. One can take one's life as a series of unending struggle. Or one can have easy and relaxed day with nothing in mind. But, all of that just the way we spend life so that we can be thankful to God.

The diversity of the whole kind of life is just like a painting. Chaos and solemn, dark and light, suffering and happiness. All of them is the part of God's creation. Together, they made an art.

All in all, what we have is just us, our own self, our bodig. And in the end, that smile on our face is the best treasure of all.

PS: I would love to write more, about the psychological view etc. but I think many would miss my read for tl;dr. :P


  1. Ramot9:23 AM

    zzz... groo.. euh? lecture finished? wow that's such a great sl.. i mean presentation! :P

    on the serious note, one of our difference is that I always believe that suffer and chaos is not something that God give to us, rather as consequence of what Adam and Eve had done the first time.

  2. I don't think just blaming Adam and Eve is suffice. All of us also have the privileges. And we select the wrong.

  3. Anonymous11:22 AM

    The answer of life? 42



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