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Untold History

I've seen people tweeted or put their status welcoming "September Ceria". While we are aware that there is a song by Vina Panduwinata with the said title, there is actually an Indonesian gay gathering located at Solo called
that. [1] Which one they would refer to?

This side of the Indonesian face is often hidden in the name of spiritual haegemony. I don't think this deserve public attention because of people often driven by anger would put this kind of activity away. But, by denying this part of our nation face, we are encouraging uninformed generation.

An uninformed generation is something that would make us terrible. They would lose their heritage and making hateful movements based on biased informations. This is what happens to us.

For example, people would curse New Order (Orde Baru) for Indonesia's downfall. They would spit on general behavior of public services. This put all of New Order's idealism into downfall also.

One important idealism that goes down with that is Pancasila. Some people would asked what's the relevance of this very foundation of Indonesia. Some also rejects the idea of this idealism and beginning to pursue other idealism.

But, what we don't see is, there are good people that run this nation. There are people that have great dignity to have Indonesia as a country. These people are hidden, although their works often hinted by media in small columns.

There are movements from grassroot that starting to hate Indonesian billionaires. The most recent is the Lapindo situation and how the cartel family involved tried to wash their hands. We also getting depressed about the Robert Tantular and many white collar crimes.

Actually, there are also hidden billionaire heroes.

I still remember William Soertadjaya and his good deeds. The most remarkable one is when he let go his share on Astra just to help Summa Bank. That part of him sets an example that people with good deed can go well, contrary to what The Games of Throne suggests.

I hope this part of history would not get burried.

Arsene Wenger Deserves To Be Respected

Many people blaming Arsenal's manager, Arsene Wenger, for the great lost against Manchester United (2-8). I think that's not fair! People, don't forget that Arsenal have just lost two of its important pillars: Fabregas and Nasri.

One thing that may be people forget, Arsenal still in high debt for their home stadium. It is by Wenger's hand that a club with low budget can shines with raw materials. He is forced to have average materials for that sake.

The demise of Arsenal is a bad things decided by management. If you have seen the recent attitudes shown by the frenchmen, you would see him aggravated easily. We would see him angered easily.

He was cool back on his day. I don't know, may be he is going senile or he also frustrated by the situation in Arsenal.

Can Arsenal wake from their succumb? The parting of their two great pillars, Wenger got two experienced players. Hopefully, they can climb back.

[1] Gay Archipelago.


Blogger Facelifted

Wow, Blogger change its interface. Cleaner but few things still missing/lacking. I have found out about statistics and AdSense. [sarcasm] Yay, I can monetize my blog.... [/sarcasm]

Why would I planting a tracking device on my site? :P

Anyway, maybe I would (don't want to be sesumbar...) but not on the near future. For now, the word monetizing is synonim with spamming in my dictionary. I know there are good blogs, but many have poisoning my Google search and spamming my comment systems.

The most great news for me is that Recent Comments plugin is working again. Now, I have readded it to my sidebar.

My English is beginning sloppier. I think I should train my English more....


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