Preserving [SMTH]

A friend of mine tweeted that Indonesia's biggest flaw is the lack of preservation. There are two stories involve in this: The suicide bombing in Solo and a broken water park facility.

The Solo bombing should make few leaders here and there resign, if they were that respectable. But, I can see that players are playing their pieces. I can only sighting for them....

Of course if I talk about religion, you would laugh and you people would told me to screw. But, this is Indonesia. A land with many factions and people. There will be time when people have enough and revolution will come. I don't like it, you won't either. New players will emerge and we are still in the chessboard.

I hate these detours. Every time we have a big case, there would be another case rising to cover the old one. And this is kind of lame. Just like a medicine; every time you put the dose, the effectiveness is getting down. Until the day we are resistant. Hopefully, we are infected by Slank virus at the time.... :P

Why would you let hate resides?

I mean, I don't mind about the teaching of some Moslem that were told that the Bible we have is compromised. That's their privilege to believe that. What I mind is the hate that placed deep down in consciousness of some people. What is your goal with making them as hate dolls?

Are you really the people of God (whom said having abundant mercy) or are you a businessmen using religion?

When I heard about Atlantis broken down, I remembered about Sim Park. There would be building inspections every few months. They also have standard about safety. We can't build something that not passing that security level.

Unfortunately, theme park in Indonesia is a rare. Plus, we don't have building inspector that have that kind of integrity. Well, hey, to all of you in the building inspector, how is it feel to have responsibility of people losing lives?

Or you have already lost your soul for fortune?

Yeah, I love pointing finger. That is my weakness. That's why I only write this blog post so that I can manage to release my anger.

I know life is not fair. I have a decent life. I wish others will have the right to live also.


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