I pray that we would have a better election system, so that people like this can never be elected. I pray for the day that I would choose the person that I feel capable. Not some pig that smug some pig money to some pigs that making them in the election list.

I pray for a day when my country politicians have balls to keep their words. I pray for the day that will come that a person can be in a position because of his/her capability not because of his/her gender, religion, or any attribute the person have.

I pray I have a president that have balls to protect such person.

I pray I have a series of governments that reign with a common vision. That would not change curriculum like takin' shit. Sorry, God, for the measle of my vocabulary that infecting this prayer. I pray for forgiveness.

I pray for Indonesia, if there is such a thing called Indonesia. I wish I could be called Indonesian, have a right in this country just like others. Not afraid to call Your name in anywhere I go. Doing Your words with no finger pointed to. I wish You were not that fast calling Gusdur.

I pray for this country that consumer have rights. I pray that we are not sold to third party without our consent. I pray that we have a right on our privacy, so that unauthorized people cannot just barge in in front our doors. Please, protect us from swindler that can sending SMS to us.

I pray that we are not guinea pig. I pray that each public service served as if they served You. I pray that they see us as people.

Oh, God, I pray that someday before You come, public servant like the Governor use public transportation. Not to curse him, but because it's the most convenient way of doing transportation. Because he really is the expert.

God, I don't mind if You use "s/he/she/g" on the last paragraph.


  1. http://us.detiknews.com/read/2010/10/28/150559/1477670/10/kepergian-anggota-dpr-ke-italia-di-tengah-bencana-dinilai-tak-pantas?991102605

  2. the last sentence is for political purpose, huh.

    AMEN! :D


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