Is there a god?

Do we need a god or a vending machine?

The one that would gives us with whatever we want as we chip in our coin into The one that won't have a personality, a perfect doll that we can ditch whenever we feel like doing so. The one that we don't need to be in 24x7.

The one that can be betrayed easily. The one that can be claimed whose voices are from. The one that can ensure our supremacy. The one that we can say that our voices belong to. The one that wouldn't mind if we kill one or two.

Our raison d'etre is mere a decoration. We never did have it as our pledge. We didn't even walk away with rational mind. We doubt the existance.

If god so real why people killing each other? Is god a deceiver? That pretends to be honest and merciful. Yet legitimate the slaughter of people other than believer. That can be easily disturbed by the presence of others and be so afraid to lose his/her/its people.

Is he/she/it that afraid to lose?

Then, don't you think that god is not that powerful? Then, don't you think that god is clueless?

Why do you worship that clueless? Are you trying to run away from reality?


  1. the ultimate justification for me is..

    if there is no bad, then there is no good.
    if there is no evil, then there is no angel.

    then, yes, there is god.

  2. that ultimate vending machine sounds good :P

  3. @adjay:
    I don't asked god's existence. The question is wether we need him/her/it or a vending machince?



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