Yet Another Nonsense

Hate is a feeling from your heart that comes when you are in a pitch. A feeling of yours over something that you feel cannot be reached. An overwhelming feeling that comes when suddenly that precious is taken from you.

Despair is a state where you stop trying.

Love is a feeling of wanting someone, according to others. Heck, how should I know?

Pride is a feeling of protecting one's existence. It's a self-defense mechanism from being volatile.

Smile is an expression of a heart or a decoration of your wound. It is there to stop people from asking and to play the role of a happy person.

Thinking is a result of your processing unit. It's like a ultra mambo jambo mandlebrot equation that it grows exponentially yet at the big scene forms a great painting of life.

Afraid is a self-defense mechanism of traumatic people. It is actually a heuristic value to determine what to choose next step. Simply put those value away from equation is insane. What you have to do is work out to find  the correct formula to play with it.

Man is a being of lustful creature with simplicity in mind. These creature have their pride. Their inhabitants were found in the tiny world called ego. Their simplicity often creates mysteries that attract other.

Woman is a being who loves to torture themselves, love to change, love to masqurade, love to be enslaved, and love to be loved. Their ability of detailed perception often misguided.

Human is a being -- not a machine. It's alright to cry, it's alright to lean on someone shoulder, it's alright to be different.

Lazy is a sign when I stop this nonsense.


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