[Spoiler] of Apa Yang Kurang?

Yes, yes, I know it's a post without a body. But, it holds dearly to something. Okay, I forgot not put deep mind tag to it or else people will starts to put thinking about it. Anyway, like an art or any philosophical stand point, one must describe what to tell.

Let's begin with a definition of blog. What is a blog? Well, from the definition, obviously blog is an online journal. It's, as the name suggested Web Log, is a collection of personal thought of a person over something. Evenmore as it evolved, it is refined as a collection of writings that have personality on it, even if it is a corporate blog. The different of a blog than a news entry is the mixture of personal feeling in the writing. So, no matter how objective you are, in a blog entry there is an urge to have your personal entry.

When we look on the technical note, the first use of blog is a way to capture tacit knowledge and documentized it into external knowledge. It is a way more convinient to capture one's thought that it is different than that of wiki, whitepaper, and the useless microblogging. :D

See, I even put a smile on this post, trying to become more personalized. Okay, I went to far, I don't want to discuss of a blog. Back to topic... :P

Yes, it is a place to get your personal feeling get mix up. It is like words that come out of your mouth. It is something that you can bring it out.

The post of  "Apa yang Kurang" is a reflection post that would took you to your very soul and ask yourself, my dear reader, what is something that make you restless. Something that you wish that you could describe. Something that even *you* don't know of. Something that formless but it moves you so much. Something that you can't made into words.

So, what is it?


  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    the power to rule the universe?



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