Qt anyone?

Okay, KDE 4.2 is the reason why I'm trying to convert. Recently, I have been programming with Swing as GUI platform. Yeah, I'm the generation that grew up with Java. But, as we have el cheapo machines and tight budget (yeah, love it when it comes to budgeting that we must think harder), we would reconsider using Java. I have moved to SWT and growing fondly with its ability to embed browser into its platform.

Then again, I love to hear about Qt. It manage to have WebKit in their arsenal. It even have the revolution that it would embed in Nokia's device. (Hey, I'm using Sony Ericsson here) It would bring much better new possibilities. Waiting for 4.5 by the way.

So, where should I start? C++ is a b*tch that I don't take since programming OpenGL long ago in my Computer Graphics class. I'd prefer plain C than that C++. But, hey, they say stop learning is a dying process. Besides, the toolkit (oh, I mean Qt) has a new editor and also an Eclipse plugin.

Enough saying, wish me luck!


  1. pake python aja jepe.

  2. ada reference buat Qt binding ke python?

  3. ini mungkin http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/static/Docs/PyQt4/pyqt4ref.html

    gw blom pernah bener2 make Python+Qt.


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