IGOS Summit 2

IGOS is an Open Source movement in Indonesia. IGOS stands for Indonesia Goes Open Source. This is a national banner where Indonesian government in its limitation trying to keep the pace with the world in Open Source movement. For the rest of the world, every enterprise has gone to its solution. Furthermore, EU has put open standard as requirement of any project.

What is the benefit of Open Source?

Open source as a movement has bring the world many things. To the education, it brings researches and tools in affordable fashion where innovations never stop. To the industry, it brings open standards which makes more and more product reproducible and have compatibility in a great ways leading into better data exchange. In enterprise world, the open source movement have leverage the standart where vendor lock is almost impossible. This leads into innovation for making cost reduction significantly and also making systems maintainable.

Now, forget about the rest of the world. This is about Indonesia. Where will we stand?

This year is the 100th since 1908, 80th since 1928. Not only that, this is the 25th year since UNIX established in Universitas Indonesia, which is the institution where Internet were born in Indonesia.

Why I bring those up?

IGOS Summit was supposed to be held at 6-7 Mei 2008. But, it is delayed suddenly to 27-28 Mei 2008. Why? Dunno. Btw, Mr Who-Owns-M$ will be here in Indonesia at 8 Mei 2008. GO FIGURE!

So, people, whatever the reason of the delaying, please support IGOS SUMMIT 2. Let's put the banner and spread the word of IGOS Summit 2. Let's attend the show.

Put this on the banner.

I Support IGOS Summit 2

Btw, I by purpose write this in English not in Bahasa Indonesia to give you a question which my friend in highschool once asked:

"Apakah Sumpah Pemuda masih relevan saat ini?"


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