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DetikInet[1] wrote about a village mistakenly described as a bad village in Wikipedia. Well, it can be done. Wikipedia is a public area where every people can write their finding in Wikipedia. Even, you can abuse Wikipedia by putting your name in it like some people I know that makes UI banned temporary from Wikipedia. Anyway, because of the public attribute it has, Wikipedia will never can be acclaimed as a rightful source for citing in an academic writing.[2]

Conclusion: Wikipedia will not a valid source for scientific writting.

Another great story from Iluni12, PS3 is now considered for Grid Computing. [3] As we all know, it is not as good as Wii and its new innovative gameplay. Some says that PS3 compability for other OSes making it having reduced tax in EU because of its registration as a computing device, not an entertainment box. [?] Anyways, its revolutionary Cell processor tag it as a great computing power. [4] Hmm... considering next time to buy a PS3, not a PC and have it dual boot GNU/Linux and the native. (You bet, Windows will never run there) :P

Conclusion: Instead of using SUN's SunFire like Universitas Indonesia for grid computing, why not using PS3?


[?] Forgot the resource, safe to say if this is a hoax.


  1. PS3 make IBM Cell processors yg isinya ada 1 PowerPC dan 6 buah special purpose processors connected with a very fast ring network. Kalo udah ada kata "special purpose" artinya ya memang gak "general purpose" lagi.

    Kalo udah tau aplikasi yg mau dijalanin di atas grid itu apa, bisa lah dicari mesin yang sesuai (berlaku juga sebaliknya). Namun jika tidak, ya pake saja general purpose machines.

    Kalo mau maen banyak2an cores, coba liat Sun Niagara II yang punya 4 cores with 8 threads in each cores = 32 procs. Sangat cocok tuk aplikasi2 yang make banyak threads. Namun bisa membuat KO aplikasi yang perlu banyak make FPU tipikal scientific application berhubung di Niagara II itu cuma ada 1 ato 2 FPU per core (kalo gak salah inget).

    Mau lebih banyak? Liat Nvidia Tesla yang katanya punya 128 cores. Tapi berhubung itu GPU, cara ngoding aplikasinya juga musti ngikutin cara ngoding di GPU.


  2. As an encyclopedia itself, wikipedia is only a starting point. It is not a library where you can safely assume each articles as books. Not, it is not. Not even close. You need more sources other than an encyclopedia.

    As an online source (which volatile are the common nature), everytime you cite the article, you have to give the last date (and in wikipedia case, the detail may extend to minutes and second) you access the article.

    Those two points, IMO, are enough for guiding people if they believe they need to cite wikipedia.

    There is no point for bashing it since all of online source had the same problem. The different is, in wiki-based page, the problem happened quicker than other online pages.

    even the number of votes in election website (which should gave us authoritative information) could be defaced silently. If Dani Firmansyah didn't have a sense of humor, we might never knew it.

  3. @iang:
    Hehehe.. tapi kata bisikan dari artikel2 itu, proc PS3 secara umum memberikan kekuatan yang besar untuk melakukan komputasi ilmiah di dalam sebuah sistem grid.

    Of course, citing wikipedia is not prohibited at all. But, Wikipedia will never be a valid resource for scientific citing due to its nature. For common things, it can be a valid measure as a starting point.

    I don't know if the citing may be valid as of today since now Wikipedia has a standard for its content.

  4. dasarnya emang dari kebutuhan sih. salah satu researcher di sini jg make GPU tuk ngebuat simulasi. katanya, kalo make CPU itu lambat.

    intinya, kalo si scientist bisa ngebuat program yg spesifik dg kondisi hardware yg ada dan mengexploitasi hardware tsb, yaaa bagus. tp kalo scientist nya cuma bisa bikin prog yg umum2 di hardware umum, ya percuma jg dikasih barang2 yg gak umum.


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