What A Silly Ability

Someone told me that most of his customer asked him about how to refresh their desktop. So, they are like in deep sh*t using Gnome which have no "right-click and refresh" ability. That's why he prefer KDE than Gnome.

Anyway, what is the use of refresh desktop? It's a silly ability of W*ndows with no use. I mean, if your computer is jammed, there would be no change to get the desktop refreshed. 

Maybe one may argue that it would be needed if something would be applied into the desktop but would not be applied until the next update drawing. But that's insane! Even W*ndows would already applying its setting once you click Apply or OK.

So, enlighten me! Is there any function of desktop refresh than just a suggestion that the system is alright?


  1. hummm.. let's see...

    ah! while it done nothing to the system, refreshing desktop give costumer a peace of mind, something that Gnome forgot... ;)

    that's why i said there's more than being an immortal, jep ;)


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