Debian 4.0 is updated at 17 Februari 2008. Admins of Etch, update your chicks.

KDE4 is updated in 4.0.1, available by activating experimental (deb http://kambing.ui.edu/debian/ experimental main contrib non-us). To install it, you must install each package one by one because APT by default never chooses experimental package.

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition
is up to 1.0.5. DIMP (Dynamic IMP) is only available at Horde 3.2 which still in RC2. Waiting for Web 2.0 support in webmail client because Roundcube doesn't go anywhere.

UI Blogging system is using Drupal 6.0, right now only available to be used by staffs and in its beta. I hope students can also use it once it becomes stable.


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