A Hard Question.

How do you fall in love?

Well, you see the goodness, something that makes you want to be with the one.

Now, the damn tough question that makes me wonder:

What part of the girl that makes you fall in love?

It's been many years and I cannot answer this question. If I tried to ask someone else, they have two answers: smiles at me and think I only making joke around and the second one is, well, dunno if this is an answer: "Yah gitu, deh, Pe. Lo pasti bisa rasain." or the kinda answer that only Einstein could know. Well, the problem is, I'm not joking around.

It's hard to me to find what part of a woman would interest me. Sure, they have a good face, but that actually wont last long. Becomes 30 and expired. I even feel strange with makeups. And even if you want to know, my skin is more soft than any ordinary woman (Hehehehe...).

If you have ever have a, let's say, a high-end gaming PC or a server. It would cost you only 10% of its value to your maintenance cost. The cost may or may not be spend and you would find savings from the budget. The infrastructure (PC or server) would have a justified cost and with reasonable amount of time maintenance - you can even schedule the maintenance.

Now, if a server broke down, you would have a spare part and if you can't afford a downtime, you could have a hot backup. That would be a discovery plan and highly advisable.

Compare that to have a woman. Its maintenance cost would be undetermined and the backup would be highly inadvisable. You even don't know when it needs to be scheduled. Sure, you could have your precious (the only time when you could have a rest) Saturday just to maintain it. How many hours you may spend on the time to having phone conversation. Not only that, how many cpu cycles it would stole for you to think about it?

Doh, the background sound is Bad English. What an irony... -_-'

Btw, if I bring this like RJ45 relationship, I'm not twisted like J*s or J*prih. But, if I think of straight, I'm not also in the mood. So, am I the 802.11 one? Or I just a disconnected?

Aarggghhh... the song is The Bangles. More irony... -_-'

I think I'd stop here.


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