Am I A Robot?

Hmmm.. so many people in the planet talk about love. But, what is love? How do I know if I have one? What do I have to do to have it?

I know the symptoms, but how to get one?

Is being reasonable wrong? Is being self-dependent an act of sin? Why am I blamed for what I am? What's wrong with not thinking of someone in a state where you lose yourself?

Love, what are you? A strange non metal object consists of trust and a blind prejudice. Why can't I have one? Why can't I have those and suffer because of that?

What is the logic of love? The sum of womens is abundant, but why a man put away his most treasure, his esteem, just to crawl and beg for the love of one? Why a women blindly trust a man without considering each word but to have each of them penetrates into the deep heart and make her lose her mind?

I know men could act like idiots when they are with someone. Hmm... is there something that makes a women a Medusa? How can you stoned like that? What do you look in that women when you are stoned?

What is the logic of being suffocated with a commotion in the mind where your body is alright?

Why do you hurt yourself?

Why do you falling in love?

Is not having a love to someone is not normal? Am I not normal? Am I a robot?


  1. u don't realize that you do have people who you love.

    God, your parents, and your friends. They still need you love anyw. So, you're normal brother.

  2. I don't even know why I'm falling in love.. I don't even want to fall in love, because as u said.. it's a self-destruction, only hurting urself..

    Sometimes I want to say that.. I don't want to fall in love..

  3. @arnoldganteng:
    Maybe... hope I can. Btw, not that kind of love.

    But, in the end you falling in love. That's what human usually do. Wish I could.

  4. Anonymous8:31 AM

    imma robot imma been programmed. ahn i dont love but i "love" making sex. and thats about it. about god, it doesnt exist for shit. sorry.

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    also, let me tell you about love: love as we know is slowly fading away. i see 33 years old girls fucking 18 years old boys and, this sexrobots are being moved by a strange phenomenon: the internet. they put their electrical impulses, and became dazed and "high" OF from the new gen crack. as you might already know, the internet is a great place for porn. this moves a rising indutry. think about the condoms for example lol. might sound strange at first, buy i already feel like a robot, and im am a gen y, meaning i was born between 1980 ~2001, the millenials. dung, this certainly sucks for us as this period is said as androgynous and that people from our (and i wonder what ur generation is) is the result that the humanity is evolving. this evolution altough, i just cant say if its for "good" or for "bad".


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