Tidakkah Anda sebagai penerus bangsa di bidang IT merasa berdosa
menganjurkan orang2 menggunakan s/w bajakan?

Anda mungkin merasa tidak menganjurkan orang2 utk menggunakannya.
Tetapi, bayangkanlah seandainya orang-orang yang di bidang IT saja
mengatakan GNU/Linux itu susah, bagaimana orang awam mau mencobanya?

Anda mengatakan saya tidak menggunakan s/w bajakan. S/W komersil yang
saya gunakan adalah s/w asli.

Coba bayangkan, Anda sedang berada di suatu negara miskin di Afrika,
katakanlah Uganda. Anda memakan kue Black Forest di tengah-tengah
rakyat Uganda. Keesokan harinya, toko-toko kue dan makanan dijarah habis
dan terjadi riot di tengah2 kota.

Anda katakan bahwa Anda tidak terlibat. Tetapi, alasan utama dari
penduduk mengadakan pemberontakan adalah karena mereka tak tahan
kelaparan karena melihat *seseorang* memakan Black Forest. Mereka
menolak untuk memakan ransum yang telah disediakan oleh UNDP untuk
mereka. Padahal, kadar gizi ransum itu cukup tinggi dan memadai untuk

Anda mengerti maksud saya?

Eka, my associate, was very displeased when he saw Lab 1103 dominated by blue screen (W****s X*). His sadness was because we actually put an effort to make GNU/Linux system ran smoothly. We have already installed many eye candy and other enhancements to make the GNU/Linux system a better Desktop solution (or may be the best?). We installed the latest development version of Linux which is Ubuntu Dapper Drake. We have done some tweak and made the distro stunned us (very amazing imo).

But, is there something wrong with that system?

The past of GNU/Linux which is crafted by the hands of computer hackers have made it more secure than the commercial system. Of course, drawbacks are put into account in it. Many part of the system are lack of documentation, more over, the system itself is very hard to installed. Many people are not convenient about the manual mounting system, the uncomfort directory system, and bla.. bla.. bla.. life goes on.

Well, that's the past! The nowaday of GNU/Linux is different. Many effort to bring this system into a level that can be called as Desktop computer solution. I think my previous posts are explicitly said about some of the enhancements. New enhancement:
Yakuake : Yet Another Quake Terminal

So why blue screens still raising?

Dunno. I'm just living in a country where the people are the kind of people that have no shame and dignity.
Ugh, I've got myself come home late. I see my fave vegetable served at the table. I ate that with fried catfish. Voila! In the morning I've got stomache, diarrhea, just got myself to the toilet over and over again.

In the end, I didn't do my internship report which is must be submitted at Monday.... *SIGH*

Today, I still feel the ache. I'm still weak. Oh my God help me, please!

Moral of the story: Never eat the vegetable, especially when it's with santan, when you come home late.

Because of the modularization of X.org 7.0, you must make directory named default in directory "/usr/share/icons". You can copy "index.theme" from "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/icons/default" into that directory. So, you may enjoy the default mouse theme. For compability, you could just make a symlink. This is the way it is:
# sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/icons/default
# ln -s /usr/X11/lib/X11/icons/default/index.theme /usr/share/icons/default
Now, you can enjoy your new cursor. The default install still use the old fashion to install default setting.

For nVidia, besides TNT2, all gfx card from nVidia should use nvidia-glx not the legacy one. The info in the given link is rather false.

Now, I get myself addictive into KDE because of their kcompmgr. I can configure my menu, panel, and apps to have shadow and cool fade animation. I admit defeat on gnome. *sigh*

I hope those boys and gals at metacity can implement better. Now, I must admit that I'm a KDE user.

Btw, blender still doesn't know GLX. It's because my VGA card (nVIDIA GeFORCE 2 MX 400) are considered as legacy system. *Hiks* :)

The problem is I never put "EnableGLXWithComposite" option in my "xorg.conf". That's why I never have my GLX enabled (which is default for nVidia cards). Now, with the option enabled, I have my both GLX and composite run with charm. Spookie!

With kcompmgr enabled, I have beautiful desktop experience at home which is more beautiful than Windoze!

Ubuntu Dapper Drake would be a great masacre to another desktop, imo. With just the development version I have, the desktop greatly improved and responsived. Can't wait the final version.

One thing, how do I enable SELinux on the kernel? (Don't worry this is geek stuff, don't ever terrified by the question)
My new shining Dapper (K|X)Ubuntu (Development Version) gives me a thrill of excitement. It really cut out the loading time of Gnome and KDE. It really faster than the previous release (Breezy).

How to get the thrill? Simple:
  1. Install Breezy, there are a lot of them in my campuss (thx to Debconf 2). You may grab one in the helpdesk.:) I used one from InfoLINUX. Install it on your PC, or you may install it after you did #2.
  2. Find someone's PC, like in the Lab OS (ask Iang, Jeab, or Eka) and use one of the computer there (use my research box if you like). Bring your HD and install it on the given computer. I asked Ramot to use a computer from Ristek.
  3. Put your HD in that computer and boot to your Ubuntu. Set your network configuration, by set your IP, Gateway, Netmask, and your DNS. Ask for someone because this is crucial info, I will not give them here in the Net. Either by using Kontrol Panel, Gnome network, or by become a porn star, you can set them out.
  4. Edit your /etc/apt/source.list and comment out the first line (it should be CDROM) by adding '#' to the first line. If you lucky, there might be many repositories commented out. You can change the repositories into kambing.vlsm.org and any breezy into dapper. So, the repo may like this: (sort of or you might just copy below)
    #deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 5.10 _Breezy Badger_ - Release i386 (20051012)]/ breezy main restricted

    deb http://kambing.vlsm.org/ubuntu dapper main universe multiverse restricted
    deb-src http://kambing.vlsm.org/ubuntu dapper main universe multiverse restricted
  5. Run ' sudo apt-update', 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade', and 'sudo apt-get upgrade' in a row and.... Voila! The Dapper is ready.

To bad, the menu doesn't fix well in Gnome, that's way I recently moving away from Gnome to KDE (not because of Torvald). I really like Gnome and I prefer it than KDE. I like the gDesklets more than SuperKaramba (my .02$). I don't know about kbfx. Actually, I like E17 but it seems ages 'till it mature enough to be baked out from CVS. Hopefully it come in the Dapper.

Btw, I've found the solution from this thread. It gives 3 ways to handle it:
  1. Kill all the culprits. Run this in SHIFT + F2 or in a terminal invoked by pressing those keys.
    killall gam_server
  2. Edit '/etc/menu-methods' and remove a file named 'gnome-vfolder-user'. And then you can restart gnome or by 'killall gnome-panel' to restart your gnome panel.
  3. Do 'sudo apt-get menu' and then 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure menu gnome-menus menu-xdg' respectively. This is the most elegant way and I recommend this method (anti evil hack).
You might want to install some package, such as:
  1. For all nVidia graphics card install 'nvidia-settings'. If you're using nVidia latest card try to 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx'. If you have GeForce2 and below try to 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-restricted' instead. Last, then run ' nvidia-glx enabled'. Don't forget to install linux-iX86-restricted-modules where X = 3|6 depending your system (default X=3). Detailed info read here. Don't restart your X, because you have a nice nVidia's gfx card at home, not here (my research PC don't have it). You just install the driver.
  2. You might to try out X.org latest extension: XComposite. Run 'sudo apt-get install libxcomposite1' and then don't forget the RENDER extension that will speed up your X render caps: 'sudo apt-get install libxrender1'. For nVidia people, add these 2 line after 'Driver "nvidia"': 'Option "AllowGLXWithComposite" "True" ' and 'Option "RenderAccel" "True" '. The result might be like this:
    Section "Device"
    Identifier "Generic Video Card"
    #Driver "vesa"
    Driver "nvidia"
    BusID "PCI:1:0:0"
    Option "AllowGLXWithComposite" "True"
    Option "RenderAccel" "True"

    Add these line in the end of the configuration file:
    Section "Extensions"
    Option "Composite" "True"
    Option "RENDER" "True"
  3. Add gDesklets by running 'sudo apt-get install gdesklets gdesklets-data'
  4. Add Super Karamba by running 'sudo apt-get install superkaramba'
  5. Add Yakuake by running 'sudo apt-get install yakuake'
  6. Find for yourself a worthy theme and a wallpaper from kde-look.org, gnome-look.org, xfce-look.org, art.gnome.org, or else where.
Alright, I'm getting bored here. Just look for useful package using synaptic. It's there in the menu, or you could run it by typing 'sudo synaptic' and then install all the package by selecting them and mark them to be installed and then apply. No need to sudo apt. It can search the package too. You might want to use it in all above installing section (except for dist-upgrade and upgrade).
This is the first post of 2006. I'm glad we've managed ourselves in the past year. I hope we still around and keep kickin' some ass.

Yeah, what on earth I'm blabling about.

This post is just for pleasure, don't read the next if you wish.

You only wasting your time.

Time, what an absurd measurement to say to loose your time. Time just a contantly increasing linear function. Everyone that I know have the same function which is f(x) = x; where x is (0..UNLIM). So, why mention loosing time? Heck, nothing is lost here.

If you playing around and not get serious, then you might ended up as an ordinary person. Why bother? why regret that? Even if you take your life seriously, you suffer a lot to become a champ. Many pain exist and in the end the result is constantly the same.

People work for food and feed to do work. How foolish we are, feels gotta get more by working hard but in the end loosing much. At the last, it will become zero again and here we are at the starting point again where it ends.

Yes, in the end, everything is becoming zero. Not a thing stayed.

Many believe in American dream, including those fanatics in Middle East. Ha.. ha.. ha.. ;(
They've failed to see lie in that false dream. Furthermore, they try to grasp it with their miserable lives.

Sadly, if they can see, many of those person who managed to grasp the dream have lost their souls. This is the fact, but why many unwilling to see? This is the thing I managed to study about the false dream.

A big house, with each has their own bedroom. I don't see any people live their lives happily ever after in such houses. Many of them never stayed to long in the house. Why? This can be explained as such: That big house just make people alone. Bigger space means solicited more. Thus, the inhabitants feel uneasy about their supposed to be called home. Furthermore, less interaction is become a hazardous benefit that make people's heart weakened. That's why many feel uncomfortable stayed there and choose to be there less.

A fancy car, where would all people starring at. This is the one to defy feeling of being lonely and unrecognized. One of the needs that human must be fullfilled are the need of other's recognizing. By having the car, felt like accepted in broader community. Try to upgrade, try to put some blink-blink on it (like those rapper). It can be helped, you must try hard, work hard because the price of doing it ain't cheap.

Gotta get more loans, gotta pay more bills, gotta get more info, gotta be the one, gotta be the first to know and first to have!

Human, hiding in their belonging are their petrified feeling of being unrecognized ....

A perfect person to love, whose charm are the world's number one. Psst, don't tell anybody: a perfect person tends to have ill-sex behaviour (called it homo/lesbian, bestiallity, and such). Usually, with their perfect appearance, the person don't get along with their surrounding. Some of the surrounding threatened by the person existance and try to resist it by hate or even worse, admire the person and try to have the person by all mean.

Gosh, what am I saying here? Nothing much, just my two cents. Many people believe that WYSIWYG. For a text editor it may be true, but to a person to be judged by that is totally wrong.

A person is a volatile variabel. They tend to change, even when in the process of identifying them. That's why, people are not suitable to be clusterred. You may cluster the community, but you cannot do the same in the person belong to that.

Bah, this is to much to be written. Before I filled this entry with phychological crap and some weird scientists saying, I think I must stop. Furthermore, it may lead to more phillosophical and may be get into religere.

This entry should be fun, full of comfort. This entry should be light. Argh! I'm gettin' bored here.

Rotten people, just chase your wildest dream: an American dream.
Try to grasp and feel your soul consumed.
Follow them and feel your cause have lost.
Chase them and have your feeling lost.
Master them and have your life enslaved.

Cause in the end, you ended up dead.... Why? Because you have lost your family, sacrifice your lifetime, and (the most I see) suffered by grasping all of it.

You think I'm lying? What are those tears dropped at night? What are that ache in your heart?

A warm place where smilling faces greet you. A place where a bowl of meal full of blessed grateful. A place where you drop happy tears. A place where you could trust your heart. A place where you want to be. A place called home...